Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is your camp open for tours?

We are open year-round for visitation.  Just call the office at 516-621-8777 or email to set an appointment.   We will arrange a personal tour for your family.  

Q: What type of transportation do you provide for campers?

Round-trip transportation to camp is included in your child's tuition. There are NO SURCHARGES from any location including Manhattan and Brooklyn.   All of our buses are air-conditioned and are driven by professional drivers. Additionally, there is always a bus counselor on the bus to ensure the safety and supervision of all campers.

Q: Our family has planned a summer vacation. What flexibility do you offer in terms of vacation weeks?

You can design your child's summer around your vacation schedule. We offer four, five, six, seven and eight-week programs and the weeks don't have to be concurrent! And, you may add additional weeks during the summer.

Q: What health and medical facilities do you have on the grounds?

We have two full-time Registered Nurses on staff, along with a Nursing Assistant.  Our Nurse's office is located in the hub of Camp activities next to our Dining Hall facility.  We also have two EMTs on staff and several of our Senior Staff members are CPR trained.  Our pool Staff are all Red-Cross certified. 

Q: What security do you provide during the Camp season?

Security staff is in on duty at every camp entrance throughout the entire day. We also have a security plan in place for our campers and staff.

Q: Do you serve lunch? What type of menu do you provide?

We serve a variety of hot and cold lunch items every day. Kosher food is also available upon request. If you have any dietary concerns please call the office at 516-621-8777.

Q: What items should my child bring to camp on the first day?

Well in advance of Opening Day, you will receive a list of clothing items your child will need from bathing suits to shoes and sweatshirts. Towel service is provided for all campers.

Q: How do you communicate with parents during the summer and how do I communicate with you about my child?

You will receive weekly Newsletters about your child's Group activities and announcements will be sent via email throughout the season. Please call the camp office if you wish to communicate with a director or group leader. During the camp day our leadership staff is out on the grounds supervising the children and will respond to phone calls after the day has ended.

Q: My child wants to be with a friend during the summer - can you make sure they are together?

We make every effort to place children with their friends both at camp and during our Sleepaway Week. Just note your preference on your enrollment form, or call the office to let us know that you have this special request.

Q: Are there special programs on rainy days?

On rainy days our Junior Campers stay on the grounds and play in our indoor sports gym and our covered Green Giant Playground. They also do special indoor arts and crafts projects.  Senior Campers, ages 7-13, have rainy day programs both on and off the grounds.  In addition to indoor crafts, Gaga Ball, our arcade, and videos at camp, these older campers are taken off-site to the movies, bowling and "Bounce" trampoline sports center. 

Q: Do you have parent visitation days during the summer?

Parent Visitation Days are scheduled in July.  You will receive details before camp starts with the date and time so you can make plans. During visitation you will see your child participate in swimming and sports, tour the camp and visit their Clubhouse. 

Q: What are the qualifications of your staff?

Our Group Leaders are all educators with Masters Degrees. They supervise our Counselors who go through an extensive orientation program. Adults lead and supervise all specialty activities at camp. Lifeguards and water safety instructors teach and supervise swimming activities.