Rachel Lewis - Director

Rachel joined the team as Director of Shibley Day Camp in Fall 2015. Since the age of three, Rachel has been attending camp. She started at a local day camp followed by overnight camp. After many years as a camper, she transitioned to the role of counselor and then leadership staff. After graduating from Penn State with a B.A. in Public Relations/ Advertising, she spent eight years working in PR. Realizing that her true passion is camp, she returned to camping in the summer position of Operations Director of a co-ed residential camp. In Fall of 2009, she joined the full-time staff of an all-girls overnight camp in NH. As Associate Director, she worked closely with families throughout the year and was responsible for the Program Team/Office over the summer. Rachel is very involved with the camping industry. She is active in the American Camp Association as she has served on the Tri-State Program planning committee and is also a standards visitor. Additionally, she has worked closely with Project Morry, a year-round youth development organization where she served as their Spring event chair.

Simply put, she loves camp. It's the best way to spend a summer, creating friendships, learning new skills and being part of a summer family. Please email her at for more information about camp!

Robert Kulchin - Director 

Robert Kulchin has been a part of Shibley Day Camp his entire life.  He grew up at camp and worked many seasons at Shibley while going to school.  He went on to earn his undergraduate degree in business administration from Adelphi University and his law degree from Hofstra Law School.  Add to the credits above Bob's instincts for working with children and it's easy to see why he figures so importantly in so many areas at camp.  Equally adapted to sports programs as he is to office administration, Bob has worked as a counselor, sports specialist, swim instructor, group leader and administrator.  When not performing functions like these, he lends his business expertise to all facets of Shibley's administrative agenda.  The two most-often heard words in the busy month before camp begins each year are, "Ask Bob!"  Our multi-talented head of administration can handle it all - and does, year after year.  

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