All-Camp Events

Hardly a day goes by at Shibley without an exciting special event for our campers!  There are several "All-Camp Events" such as the Shibley Olympics, Carnival and Waterworld Day which include campers of all ages from 3 to 13. In addition, we have numerous events geared to Junior and Senior Camp separately.

Junior Camp Events

Junior Campers delight in their own special events. Boys and girls participate together in events such as our Junior Camp Sing and Sports Team Dress Up Day.

Events for Boys and Girls

In Junior Camp, we also have individual events for boys and girls. The Junior Boys' Tug-A-Mania Boat Race and Bowling Bonanza are favorites and the "Shibley Stars Musical Review" and Disco Party are big hits with our Junior Girls.

Senior Camp Events

For Those Who Love Sports

Our Senior Campers participate in numerous sports events such as our "Goose Cup" Championship Hockey Tournament, Home Run Derby and the Senior Triathlon which features running, climbing and swimming. Tournaments of all kinds are held throughout the summer including Tennis, Basketball, Soccer and Baseball.  

For Those Who Love Performing

For Senior campers who love to perform, we stage Broadway Musicals and present our Solid Gold Dance Review in Shibley's outdoor theater. There's also our popular Senior Camp Sing and our own "American Idol" show along with Zumba and Cheerleading events!

For Those Who Love Hands-On Creativity

Hands-on events include Shibley's Rocketry Blast Off, Bakers & Shakers Cooking Classes, Sand Sculpture Day and our Shibley 500 Car Race.

For Those Who Love Adventure

Senior Campers who are looking to expand their summer horizons can take advantage or our Sleepaway Week in the Berkshire Mountains of Connecticut. Learn more about this program here.

Day Trips

Trips for our oldest Campers include a visit to Adventureland!