Staff FAQs

How do I apply for a job?
Go to our link:

Where is Shibley located?
Shibley is one of the premier day camps on Long Island. We are located in Roslyn, New York on beautiful wooded acres. We are easily accessible by public transportation including bus and train.

What is the difference between a general counselor and a specialty counselor?
A general counselor spends all day with his/her assigned campers assisting and guiding these children to their activities. General counselors also assist specialty counselors at their activity areas.
Specialty counselors are in charge of a specific activity where they teach and supervise campers for the entire camp day.

What are the meals like at camp?
We have a weekly menu of child friendly lunches, beverages and snacks. We serve hot lunch daily with an array of substitutes offered. There is also a salad bar and fresh fruit available.  

What is the salary and pay schedule for staff?
Shibley salaries depend upon position and prior work experience. The specifics are discussed during the interview process. Staff is paid four times during the summer season.

Is there a staff dress code?
Shibley will provide each staff member with five staff shirts to be worn daily.  We ask that staff wear appropriate shorts and sneakers.  Our counselors should also be prepared with bathing suits and be ready to get in the pool when their group is at the pool.  

What is Shibley's summer camp season and daily hours?
Opening Day is Monday, June 25th and the last day is Friday August 17th. Shibley staff are required to be on the grounds by 8:30 am and dismissal is at 4:30 pm.

Is there training for Shibley Staff?
There are 3 mandatory training sessions held on the 3 consecutive Saturdays prior to the start of camp.

Is there parking if I drive to camp?
There is a designated staff parking lot adjacent to our summer office.

What are some important policies that I should know?

  • We are a children's environment, so we have a no smoking, alcohol or drugs policy on our grounds. This is cause for immediate dismissal.
  • Cell phones are allowed on grounds but must be kept out of view from campers and may only be used during your daily break.
  • There is no leaving the camp grounds during our camp day.
  • Appropriate attire, language, and conduct is required at all times.
  • We have campers with food allergies, so we do not permit outside food or beverages. 

What is a bus counselor?

A bus counselor rides to and from camp on the bus with our campers.  He/She supervises and keeps the campers safe while on their daily enjoyable bus ride.

What is a typical day like at Shibley?
Every day is different at Shibley!  Younger campers follow a specific schedule which varies daily. Older campers choose among various activity options on a daily basis. All full day campers swim twice daily, and enjoy lunch and afternoon snack time. We have many special event days such as Water World Day, Carnival, Olympics and off ground camp trips just to name a few.

How are campers divided into group?
Campers are divided into groups by age and grade level.

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