39 Pictures from Summer 2021 with Captions

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There are 39 days of camp each summer so here are 39 great pictures with captions from Summer 2021. If you have a better caption…let us know!

The sunshine is included in the cost of camp.

It’s important to say hi to the tortoises each morning on your way up to senior camp.

Streeeeeeeeeeeetching out before we begin is always a good idea.

And don’t mess with us after a good taekwondo class with Master Ryan!

Fingertip catch for the save!

Camp twins!

Whoa, do you have any beads for us or just for him?

Crazy hair up there in the air.

Tree Hugger

The ball goes round and round…even senior boys enjoy the simplest of games.

Bubbles! Really big ones!!!!

Serious faces while we wait to see which car is fastest. Everyone ready?

I see you!

Lip sync win…about to (inflatable) mic drop.

Call me maybe?

Sometimes it’s the campers helping the staff instead of vice versa.

We LOVE this activity!!! Don’t make us leave!

You guys go on the junior adventure park, we are going to stay here and dig for treasure.

Where’s Devin?

Ready, set, swim!

Please wake us up for the next activity, we can sleep later!

Let us show you how serious we can be:)

Why is she literally twice as tall as I am?

These are not sharks…they are lifeguards.

Mmmmmmm we love making yummy snacks at Cooking!

How long does it take those yummy treats to bake? We have to eat before our swim!


Piggy back fun time! When do we switch?

Nice pajamas! Wake up!

Just hangin’ around in the Green Giant.

Doesn’t that look like so much fun up there? Yes. Ready to go? No. 🙂

We love tie dying our own shirts for Carnival Day!

Congratulations on displaying the GREEN values!

We are robot visitors and we love your art program.

Olympic relay race skills!

Why didn’t you just crawl through like me?

Stand in the big ring. Throw the little ring. Good luck!


Camp friends don’t shake hands…