Sleepaway Camp Savings Account

We are excited to share Shibley’s Sleepaway Camp Savings Account program. Shibley Day Camp is a member of the CampGroup family of camps. Our camps include many of the finest sleepaway camps in the Northeast and Midwest. We hope that when the time comes to choose a sleepaway camp for your child, you will consider choosing one of our camps. Therefore we have a program to allow you to build savings that can be applied to tuition at one of our sleepaway camps.

For each year that your child attends Shibley, beginning with Summer 2017, your family will accumulate savings of 5% of the tuition paid in a “Sleepaway Camp Savings Account.” Your savings will build for as many consecutive years as your child attends Shibley. When your child is ready for sleepaway camp, you can apply the savings to his/her first year’s tuition at one of our camps by contacting that camp directly.

Please note that savings only accumulate if you stay at Shibley. For example, if you are with us for two years, leave and return a year later, you would have to start all over as the early years’ savings will no longer be in your account.

We hope that you will enjoy this added benefit of Shibley. Please contact us if you have any questions. Thanks!