Year-Round Events

Shibley is a place for our families to gather throughout the year! We also participate in and sponsor many community and school events so that we can keep in touch throughout the year. Some of our favorite year-round events include:

Shibley Fun Days

We invite 3-7 year old campers and their friends for crafts, games, races and free play in the beautiful mansion that holds our winter office at camp. Call camp to see when the next Fun Day is!

Fall Festival & Spring Fling

These two events are for the whole family! Games, music, refreshments, air bungee, Green Giant and a chance to enjoy our beautiful 20 acre wooded facility with family and friends.

Junior Pool Party

We invite our youngest campers to come splash around in our pools in June before camp starts.

Bus Rides & Play Day

This is another opportunity for our youngest campers to meet Shibley staff, make friends, ride a bus and play in our playgrounds before the camp session begins.

Additional Year-Round Events

We host winter events for our senior campers at camp, plan family outings to baseball games, host birthday parties and more! We are here all year and we want to see our Shibley family as much as possible!