The Staff Experience

Shibley is looking for fun, engaging individuals who are responsible, reliable and punctual, possess a great work ethic, and are dedicated to giving our campers the summer of their lives!!! You will likely find yourself exhausted by the end of the day, however the hard work you invest with your campers will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Working at camp is a JOB, however it’s a FUN job! We provide an extensive staff training program before and throughout the summer.

We have GREEN values that guide our every decision at camp and lead to the development of campers who have their own strong values!


We are givers.

We put others before ourselves. If we give all that we have to others, we will get back much, much more in return.


We will work hard to make personal connections with others and earn their respect. We will respect ourselves and the Shibley environment.


We will share and feel the emotions of other members of our community. We will listen and show respect for alternate points of view even when we may disagree with them.


We will exhaust every option and use every bit of energy to meet our goals.


We will care for and nurture our community of diverse individuals. We are a family and will treat each member of our community as such. 

We are searching for staff with these similar values who will serve as role models to our campers throughout the summer. Having strong values that are modeled by our staff leads to lifelong friendships and personal growth among campers AND staff! Working at camp offers an opportunity to have a positive impact on children’s lives. It also provides opportunities for staff to develop important skills identified as essential by future employers.

I’ve been at Shibley for 25 summers. It is a great place to be, to keep coming back to. The overall feeling is like family. The grounds are beautiful, and get better looking every year. Improvements, even when you might think none are needed, are ongoing. The staff and administration are always positive, as are the interactions between staff and the children – the reason why we, both staff and campers, are here year after year.

- Long time Shibley staff member.

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