A to Z List of Things to do in the New Year

posted: January 6, 2020By:

Here’s an A to Z list of things Stefanie is thinking about for the New Year:

Arizona – go on vacation when it’s cold here in New York

Be More Active- keep moving!

Cook More

Dream Bigger

Exercise Often

Find More Time to Spend with the People that Matter

Give Back to Those in Need

Health (mental & physical) is a priority

Improve in everything

Joyfulness – find the joy in whatever you are doing

Keep in Touch

Learn a New Skill

Meet New People

Noah’s First Birthday

Organization – keep it all together

Peace for the world

Quit Procrastinating

Read More

Shibley Summer 2020!!!!

Try New Things

Understand where others are coming from

Volunteer for something new and worthwhile

Watch Less TV

eXcel in all that we do

Yoga to relax and keep the body strong

Zealous- be zealous when attempting to accomplish anything