A to Z List of What Stefanie is Looking Forward to for Summer 2020

posted: November 18, 2019By:

A to Z list of what I’m already looking forward to in summer 2020…

Animal ShowBoat Races

Carnival Day

Daily Swim Instruction

Eggless Brownie Batter Dip

Friends that Become Family

Green Fridays

Halloween Day

Individual and Team Sports

Junior Camp Talent Show

King Size Car Wash

Learning New Skills

My Style Camp

Nonstop Excitement


Pizza Thursdays

Quest for Towels

Reconnecting with Camp Friends

Solid Gold Shows

Tie Dye Sneakers

Undeniable Energy

Values to be Proud of

Water World Day

X Letter Blocks for Nursery Campers

Yawning Children as they Board the Buses to go home at the End of the Day

Zip Line