Giving Back This Holiday Season

posted: December 17, 2018By:

With Thanksgiving having just passed, many of us took the time to acknowledge what we are thankful for. For me, the holiday season is a time to not only reflect upon and recognize all that I am grateful for but also a time to give back. As an individual who is fortunate enough to be a longstanding member of the camp community, I have endless appreciation for all that I have been afforded as a result. Having the opportunity to attend camp as a child and then to continue working within the camp community as an adult are rare privileges that too few are lucky enough to experience. This realization is only a small part of what pushes me to pay it forward.

It is so important to share and return kindness and there are so many ways we can do so. Whatever way you are able to perpetuate the cycle, no matter how big or small, it will make an impact and allow for the betterment of another. Whether it’s a simple donation or giving up one’s personal time, we are all capable of pitching in and doing our part in some way.

In addition to benefiting others, these acts, however slight or great, are extremely meaningful to those on the receiving end. They also leave me feeling more fulfilled as an individual than receiving any tangible item could. When you go the extra mile to make someone else’s world a bit lighter and brighter you will see that you get back in abundance what you put out there.