Holiday Time with Randi – Great Suggestions for Family Outings

posted: November 26, 2019By:

Greetings Shibley Nation!  I hope everyone is getting into the holiday spirit and making exciting family plans that will be fun and memorable.

I recently had the opportunity to attend The Big Apple Circus in NYC with my family.  I haven’t been to a circus in quite a while and this performance did not disappoint. The circus’s theme “Extraordinary New Yorkers” had all the makings of a traditional circus with a bit of a twist. The big top at Lincoln Center was filled with children of all ages.  We witnessed an ariel act that displayed visual beauty from performers who  were lifted into the air with ribbon ropes who spun and swirled through the crowd.  Jugglers were on hand and a clown in the form of a NYC pigeon played to the crowd.  Acrobatics, high wire performers, and a very different looking trapeze act that didn’t use a trapeze but rather a bouncy balance beam were all on display. The food and beverage offerings at the concession stands were circus inspired sweet treats from old New York.  What’s a circus without cotton candy?  The circus will be in town until February 2nd 2020.  Check it out!

Here are some other family friendly NYC Winter break activities that may be of interest to you and your family.

  • Visit Rockefellar Center’s dazzling Christmas tree decorations, and then take a spin on the most famous ice rink in the world.
  • Macy’s window display in Herald Square just unveiled this year’s theme-“Believe In The Wonder.” This is about how a little girl dreams of becoming Santa Claus.
  • Museum outings are always a great way to combine learning and fun. Many museums allow for children to create art projects or have interactive play spaces. My favorites include the New York Hall of Science, Museum of the Moving Image, Brooklyn’s Children Museum, Children’s Museum of the Arts, and The American Museum of Natural History.
  • Slime Lovers-this one’s for you. Visit Sloomoo Institute- a new Soho pop up experience.  Kids will love squishing vats of different types of ooey gooey slime.
  • Zoos and Aquariums- Every borough boasts its own unique zoo experience and the Coney Island Aquarium is also quite special.
  • Broadway is simply magical, but the cost of Broadway tickets is incredibly high. Here are some ways to buy inexpensive tickets in NYC:
    1. Kids Night on Broadway-An annual event that the Broadway League hosts where children under 18 can accompany an adult for free. It’s a 2 for 1 opportunity.
    2. Enter a daily ticket lottery.
    3. Join or follow discount Ticket Sites and Apps-Playbill, Goldstar, Broadway Box, Stub Hub, Theater Mania, and Groupon may have ticket options.
    4. TKTS Discount Booths in NYC-There are 4 locations in NYC and you must visit them in person.
    5. Be Open to Off Broadway shows

Many of our camper families live in Manhattan and I am sure you have some amazing recommendations as well.  Send us some of your favorite spots and we will happily post them for all to see.

From my family to yours, have a healthy happy holiday season and take advantage of the wonderful opportunities our fair city has to offer at this time of year.