March Madness

posted: March 12, 2018By:

Spring has nearly arrived, which means two things: First and most exciting…Summer 2018 is rapidly approaching! But a few months before the campers arrive we turn our attention towards one of the most enjoyable and unpredictable sporting events of the year- college basketball’s March Madness!

One of my favorite parts of the NCAA tournament is the display of teamwork and camaraderie shown on the court. All season long teams develop chemistry and bond together as a cohesive unit with one goal in mind- to be the last team standing so they can cut down the nets. While four talented teams are given coveted #1 seeds in the bracket, we very rarely see those top four teams still left standing in the Final Four. Many times they are defeated by lower seeded “Cinderellas” who play well together and relish the opportunity to overcome the odds against them. One common theme among these underdogs is that they always seem to be having the most fun! Unburdened by lofty expectations, these players simply go out and enjoy playing the game. This often leading to memorable results.

March Madness is an annual reminder that talent and athletic ability may help but working together as a strong and unified team is just as, if not more, important in attaining success and accomplishing the team’s objective. At Shibley we know that each and every camper shares the same objective- having a great time! We play the game to have fun, and win or lose, we always remember to enjoy the ride!

As a mom of a University of Florida graduate and a fan of the Gator Nation, I will go out on a limb and pick # 6 seed Florida to win it all. I love a Cinderella story. I have witnessed many campers experience their own Cinderella stories here at Shibley and I cannot wait for each of them to experience their own “shining moments” in Summer 2018!

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