Randi Reviews Our January Fun Day

posted: January 17, 2020By:

Greetings Shibley Nation!  Happy 2020 to all.  We have officially turned our attention to Shibley Fun Days as well as other Winter/Spring events that will bring our Shibley family together.  This past Sunday, we hosted our 1st Shibley Fun Day and each of the two sessions we ran were filled to capacity with campers and parents. We separated the children into 3 age groups and rotated each group from a Tae Kwon Do class (Visit our friends at Tiger Schulmann’s of Manhasset) to an arts and craft project to a free play room.  Campers met and made instant friends with other campers who will be with them in the Summer.  Parents mingled with other parents, some who were first timers also and some veteran parents who shared the great experiences their family has had at Shibley.

These off-season events are so important, especially for our younger campers and their parents.  You and your child have the opportunity to get to know us and our staff on a more personal level. You get to see us in action and we get to see your child in action; how they behave and react to certain situations. Every time you sign your child up for an event and step onto the Shibley grounds, we become more and more familiar to your child and with your child.  When the Summer finally arrives, your child will see familiar faces and places when they step off the bus at camp.  We want your child to have a seamless transition when his/her first day of camp begins and what better way to then to take advantage of all the off season events we offer.  Our goal is to become family even before camp begins.

We have 2 more Fun Days offered, one on Saturday, February 8th and the other on Sunday, March 15th.  We will have a Spring break event in April and a Spring Festival in May.  We will also be taking our annual pre-camp outing to Citi Field on Sunday, May 3. In June, we will invite our nursery and kindergarten campers to a pool party and to take a special bus ride around the neighborhood so children can get comfortable doing both things that will be a big part of their summer experience.  We will also give you the opportunity  to come meet your children’s Group Leader and counselors the weekend before camp begins.

So here is your homework -PLEASE open up and read your emails from us.  Then sign up for as many off-season events as you can.  We are here for you and your child. We want your children to have the Summer of their lives, and feeling at home and comfortable on day one is a key ingredient to that end!  We hope to see many more of you next month and leading up to the Summer.