Why We Shibley Shibley All Year Long

posted: November 2, 2023By:

We don’t have to live 10 for 2! This popular camp term (Living 10 for 2) references spending the “other” ten months of the year longing for the two months of summer camp. We get it! Nothing is like actual camp…but at Shibley you don’t have to wait ten months to get back to camp each year. We host year-round activities for our families and prospective families nearly every month between each summer.

Earth Day Open Play – Click the link at the bottom for more specifics about our off-season events.

Why do we host these events? Mostly, it’s because we miss our camp friends during the year, and we know that the children and staff do also. It makes us so happy to bring camp friends together during the winter, fall and spring and to watch them reconnect as if they had just seen each other the previous day. It’s also a great way for new campers to get comfortable within our camp environment.

Children who attend our off-season events meet other campers and interact with camp staff.  Having this opportunity eases the anxiety that many young children have when boarding the bus for the first time.  They are familiar with both the physical environment and the friendly faces waiting for them when the bus arrives at camp. It makes a big difference!

These events are also great for new camp parents who may have their own anxiety about putting a child on the bus. Each event provides opportunity for the parent to feel the camp vibe and to make their own friends with other camp parents. We often find that parents will reconnect with old friends and/or make stronger connections with local families who already may be familiar acquaintances but not yet friends.

One of my favorite off-season events takes place outside of camp. Each spring we take a trip to Citi Field for an afternoon at the ballpark.  This is yet another opportunity for families and staff to connect before the summer begins. This outing usually attracts 100-150 participants. Let’s go Mets!