Spring Shibley Events – Outdoor Movie Night, Mets Game & More!

posted: March 1, 2020By:

It’s March. Take that in for a second. And no…you didn’t miss all of the snow, it’s either coming soon or just taking a year off. But March means spring. And spring means almost summer…and you know what that means!!!!

But before we get all the way to the opening day of camp, 120 days away if you are interested, we want to see you at these Shibley events throughout March, April, May & June. We host these events so that our families (veteran, new & prospective) have plenty of opportunities to connect with each other throughout the year.

We also know that the more time our youngest campers can spend at Shibley and with Shibley staff throughout the winter and spring, the more comfortable they will be getting on the bus on opening day.

Two events I’m especially looking forward to are our 2nd annual Outdoor Movie Night in Long Island City and our 3rd Annual Pre-camp Family Outing to Citi Field:

Saturday, May 30 – Outdoor Movie Night @Hunter’s Point South Park – Long Island City- FREE EVENT- BRING YOUR FRIENDS

We are happy to co-sponsor our 2nd Outdoor Movie Night in Long Island City on Saturday, May 30. This outstanding series is put on by the Hunter’s Point Park Conservancy throughout the summer and is FREE.  Long Island City is less than 20 miles from camp and just over the river if you live in Manhattan. We hope you will join us! This night will be a great celebration of ONE MONTH to go until camp. FAMILY FRIENDLY MOVIE WILL BE ANNOUNCED SOON!

Sunday, May 3 – New York Mets vs. Atlanta Braves @Citi field

For the third year we will be organizing a family outing to Citi Field before camp begins. The Mets host Family Sundays which includes free pre-game activities for children outside the stadium. Those who wish to attend the game at 1pm will purchase tickets directly from Shibley and have the opportunity to take a picture on the field before the game begins. Directions for reserving tickets will be sent via email shortly.

MORE EVENTS (and still more to be announced…stay tuned…):

Sunday, March 15 – Fun Day @Shibley

This is our third and final weekend Fun Day for 2020. We will have a spring themed craft, fun Martial Arts instruction with Tiger Schulmann Manhasset and free play in our indoor game room.

Wednesday, April 15 – Spring Break Fun Day @Shibley

Come play at Shibley on Wednesday during Spring Break. Activities are weather permitting; we hope to open the Green Giant and other outdoor play areas on this day. 

Saturday, May 16 – Spring Carnival @Shibley

The Spring Carnival is for all aged campers to come enjoy camp activities, play in playgrounds and play areas, reconnect with summer friends and get excited for the first day of camp. 

Tuesday, June 23 – Junior Camp Pool Party & Bus Rides

This event is for our youngest campers to come get comfortable taking a ride on a bus and swimming in our pool. Lifeguards, bus drivers, bus counselors and staff will be waiting to spend a few fun hours with our little ones who have finished pre-school for the year.

Saturday, June 27 – Camper, Parent Staff – Meet & Greet

After the staff completes their staff orientation early Saturday afternoon, we open the camp up for a few hours for families to come drop off items in bunks and say hi to camp staff. 

As it says above, more events and meetups will be announced as we lead up to camp. We hope to see you soon. If you have questions about which events are appropriate for your family, email me at heath@shibleydaycamp.com.