Summer 2019 Review in Pictures

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One of my projects after each summer is to put together a folder of pictures to use throughout the year for emails, social media posts, flyers, brochures, website updates and other marketing initiatives. So I have spent the last week looking through over 40,000 pictures, most of which are also available to you on the Shibley App.

I would like to give a shout out to our awesome media team from Summer 2019. Choosing the best of the best is not easy and I ended up with a folder of over 1000 pictures to work from.

I can’t share all of them here and now and I had to pick a number to stop at so enjoy ONLY 39 of my favorites (to represent the 39 days of camp), with captions.

We asked at orientation: “Who is ready to have a major impact on the lives of these campers?”

We saw the excitement on their faces the instant they arrived at camp on day one.

We loved celebrating America’s birthday on July 4th!

We saw the confidence build in each camper as they developed new swim skills.

Confidence that looks like this!

We expanded our Science activity area and added some animals…

…in addition to rocketry, coding, robotics and nature activities that encourage our campers to explore Shibley’s beautiful grounds!

Everyone loved the rides on Carnival Day…

…and the entire camp wore shirts they tie dyed themselves at Arts & Crafts. It was pretty cool.

Arts & Crafts projects of all kinds were on display from the beginning of camp to the end.

For Rock Star Day we beat on drum sets and percussion as the buses arrived at camp. And we dressed the part!

The Green Giant was a favorite of Junior Camp…

…and Senior Camp alike.

An equally popular attraction at camp was the Senior Adventure Park where campers overcame their fears and zipped away!

Another part of the adventure program is the Air Bungee which allows campers to soar up into the trees (and flip around while up there).

This summer the theater arts & solid gold dance programs were expanded to include more of Junior Camp (and more boys!!!)

We followed the Yellow Brick Road!

Senior Sing was spectacular.

We celebrated the GREEN values together every Friday!

On Halloween Day some campers chose to dress up like the staff members they look up to (That’s R for Respect- see above).


Our Shibley Chefs baked some very yummy creations.

We love the unique relationships that develop when siblings attend camp together…

…and the love shown when they meet randomly during the day.

Visiting Week was YOUR chance to see your child in action. I’m sure you also took 40,000 photos 🙂

The coaches taught athletic skills of all kinds to campers of all ages.

Lacrosse skills are more fun to learn in a tutu, don’t you think?

The annual Jeannie Cup did not disappoint!

We had a walk off ending to our Senior Boys 1 World Series..

…and we had our first Super Senior World Series.

We learned basic tennis skills and played fun tennis games in Junior & Senior Camp.

Recreational swim for our oldest campers included plenty of sliding into the pool.

We have the best swim instructors on the planet!

and the most spirited staff!!!

Sometimes we needed a hug…

…and sometimes a high five!

The Goose Cup is a big deal and we had two great teams competing for the championship this summer.

We filled the pools with inflatable fun for Waterworld Day.

Captain Shibley started off Olympics with a lap around the campers.

Do you have favorites of your own? Post them or share them with us!