Thoughts on Our GREEN Values

posted: January 20, 2023By:

It was incredible to see how much had changed at Shibley Day Camp during my seven-summer hiatus, from the vast improvements throughout the grounds to the expansion of activity offerings. One change that really resonated with me was the implementation of GREEN values, in an age where we continue to become more and more socially conscious, environmentally aware and active, and focused on the importance of embracing and celebrating diversity and inclusion.

According to Shibley’s website, Our Shibley community is guided by our GREEN values: Generosity, Respect, Empathy, Endurance & Nurture. And boy, is it true! I had the opportunity of learning about, experiencing, and living by Shibley’s GREEN values during Summer 2022 – from our GREEN Fridays to GREEN assemblies and the reenforcement and demonstration of these values as a part of each camp day.

We are GENEROUS — givers of our time, our resources, our kindness, and our spirit. We have ENDURANCE — we see that life is not just about the destination, but also the journey. We will push ourselves, encourage each other, and stop at nothing to achieve both our individual and team goals using all resources available to us. We NURTURE — we see camp as a place to learn, to make mistakes, and to grow, all in a safe, supportive, and loving environment. However, If I had to pick the two GREEN Values that are  most meaningful to me, I’d choose RESPECT and EMPATHY.

I believe that the foundation of any successful team, group, classroom, cast, relationship, etc. is mutual RESPECT. It’s the “Golden Rule” — treat others as you want to be treated. Much of the conflict we face in our daily lives can be addressed just by putting this simple principle into practice. Think: “How would I want to be treated if in this situation myself?”

From a young age, we have an instinct to EMPATHIZE with one another. In other words, we seek to acknowledge and feel what someone else is feeling without passing judgment. The more we try to understand and relate to each other’s emotions, the greater our ability to foster love, kindness, and connection in our society.

Camp is the perfect place to learn and practice these values and the skills that go along with them!

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