Why I Work at Camp for a Living

posted: June 19, 2018By:

I work at camp for a living. I am lucky. The reason that I do it is because of the impact that my excellent day camp and sleepaway camp experiences had on me as a child. I am confident, I take risks and I’m not afraid to be myself in pretty much any situation that arises. Of course, my wonderful parents have to get some credit also, but camp has definitely played a huge part in allowing me to become the person I am today.

After 10 months of sitting in an office and working with the full time team to prepare everything for camp, it is now time to sit back and see the campers enjoy what we have planned for them.  We will smile as they make new friends, reach new heights (literally and figuratively), become excellent swimmers, improve their athletic skills, create cool projects and perform in front of others. We want them to come home and tell you what has peaked their interest and who they want to be like when they grow up.

Our outstanding staff of leaders and role models will lead the way and create a new generation of leaders and role models to follow. And in just 6 more days we can watch it all happen in front of us!