April Facility Updates

posted: April 3, 2018By:

For summer 2017, we upgraded our junior camp bunks with beautiful pine paneling. This year, we did the same to a number of our senior camp bunks. The team pine paneled the walls, built individual changing areas and upgraded the lighting. The only thing we need now are smiling camper faces in the bunks!


Our team also built these security booths for each of our three camp entrances. They are places for our security guards to spend their day whether it’s beautiful and sunny or rainy and cloudy! We will be moving them to the entrances in the next few weeks, so be on the lookout when you visit camp. ​


Please join me, once again, in thanking our incredible team – Billy, Mario and Carlos.

I always love to hear from families and staff. Please reach out with any feedback or thoughts. You can always reach me at rachel@shibleydaycamp.com.

Counting down until Summer 2018…