Shibley Shibley! We Miss You!

posted: March 26, 2020By:

Hello from our remote Shibley workspaces! We hope this email finds you well and continuing to make the best of our current situation. Last week we posted tips to help transform all the parents into teachers. How is that going?

This week we have been posting video messages from staff to campers on our FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM pages. You can watch the Facebook videos even if you don’t have an account.

Randi posted about her experience working from home on the SHIBLOG. She had a great setup and we bet that your creative children have designed some cool workspaces or set themselves up next to you as you work from home.  Please send us some pictures and we will post them next week. We would also enjoy seeing any cool forts or hideouts that your children have built out of pillows and such. Let’s keep each other entertained and share fun ideas!