Tri-State, Nature & Springtime Thoughts

posted: March 20, 2019By:

Hello Shibley Nation! Springtime is approaching, the temperature outside is rising, Opening Day baseball is 2 weeks away, March Madness begins this week, and the excitement of another Summer camp season at Shibley is bubbling inside all of us!

The Shibley Team recently spent 4 days in Atlantic City where the largest national camping conference is held.  Vendors from all over the country set up shop in the convention center and show off the latest and greatest in the camping industry.  At the same time, industry leaders are chosen to lead valuable seminars on camp life today!

What I really enjoy is getting together with my community of camp professionals, and sharing our knowledge and experience to ensure the high quality of summer camp and its value.  We are competitors, no doubt.  But we all agree that the powerful lessons our children learn in our camping community can be found no where else.

Here at Shibley, our grounds are blessed with beautiful natural surroundings.  The last seminar I attended talked about the connection children have with nature. Research shows that first-hand experiences with nature, like those at Shibley, reduce stress in children and help them better handle stress in the future. In addition to teaching children how to be good stewards of the environment, we are teaching children how to enjoy the world around them and take a minute to breathe deep and feel nature, which ultimately teaches them how to de-stress the natural way.

Right now, as I look out my office window and see the beautiful Shibley grounds, I see the very beginnings of Spring…….I take a deep breath…….and realize how lucky I am!