We are Thankful for our Thankful Staff

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I’m thankful each time I return to Shibley because the timeless, screenless, active summers are restorative to my mind, body, and soul. It’s a much-needed reset in today’s world! – Jared H

I am thankful for the lifelong friendships that I have been able to create at Shibley while at the same time helping campers make new discoveries about themselves through trying new activities and having fun. – Matthew C (Boomer)

I am thankful to return to Shibley next summer because Shibley is an amazing environment full of fun and positive experiences. The number one reason I want to return to Shibley is because I really enjoyed giving kids the best summer of their lives. – 2022 Staff Member

I’m thankful for the kinship I have found at Shibley – Gladys L

I am so thankful for tons of things in life, but most of all, thankful to return to Shibley Summer Day Camp. Why? Because I’ll be reunited with lots of you who I met. – Erick V

I am thankful for all our beautiful Shibley children! You guys are the reason why I am returning to Shibley next summer and make more wonderful memories. – Esther C

Enjoying every camp day alongside the campers brings me great energy and joy! I am so thankful to be able to play in the sun with the campers from the minute the camp day starts until the last bus leaves the Shibley grounds. – Jon K

I’m thankful for everyone who has made me feel welcome to Shibley. And I’m thankful for the kids who have made working there so rewarding.  – Lara M

I am so thankful for having the opportunity to work with such wonderful people.  The summer cannot come fast enough. – Kyla V

💚Shibley has been a forever happy place for myself and my children since day one. I am thankful for working with an amazing and supportive staff that have and will be my friends for many summers to come. 💚 – Deb L

The reason I want to return to Shibley next summer is because of the amazing staff and campers I got to spend every day with. Last year was my first summer at Shibley so I was so nervous to be there at first, but after getting to meet such a welcoming staff and group of campers, I had an incredible summer, and I attribute that to all of those I was surrounded by. – Nico M

I am thankful to return to Shibley because it is such a positive work environment.  The #1 reason I want to return to Shibley is because I love working with the children, and also love working with my amazing coworkers. I am looking forward to spending another summer working with Shibley. – 2022 Staff Member

I am thankful to have found a family at Shibley Day Camp and I look forward to returning to them next summer to make more memories, both with campers and coworkers, that will last a lifetime. – Arabella N

I am so thankful for my Shibley family
Love being at Shibley Day Camp the smiles and laughter from the children and happy music when walking around camp makes me feel like I am in Disney all summer long Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 to all! Shibley Shibley – Grace M

I am thankful to return to Shibley because I was able to meet new people and create memories with them. The one reason I would want to return would be I can meet more people and create more bonds with children and coworkers. – Vivian M

I am Thankful to return to Shibley for the Summer of 2023! My #1 reason I want to return to Shibley is to see the Smiling Faces of the many Shibley campers & staff.  This includes my Bungee Crew. I love seeing the Shibley campers having FUN on Bungee- asking to go to “the Top Floor” or doing multiple flips or even getting the courage to do their first flip ever. This will be our 3rd Summer at Shibley. We can’t wait for Summer 2023. Shibley Shibley – Marisa M

I am so thankful to return to Shibley next summer because that means I get to meet new campers and make memories again!  The Shibley campers make the summer so enjoyable!! – Jess C