Our Staff Can’t Wait for Camp!

We reached out to veteran staff and new staff to see what they were looking forward to this summer. Here are their answers:

One thing I am looking forward to this summer is creating memories for the campers that will hopefully last a lifetime, which is why being a good role model is crucial for these campers.

– Ayaan B.

I can’t wait for the sunshine, the smiles, friendships new and old, and making new connections with all my little friends in Arts and Crafts!!

– Deb L.

I look forward to connecting with old friends who come back year after year (we wait 10 months for 2) & meeting new friends as well!

– Sheri G.

This summer I’m looking forward to making new friends and having an amazing bond with my little campers. I’m looking forward to making these campers happy and all I want is for them have the best experience!

– Ariana G.

I am excited to be outside in nature and to have the opportunity to engage in fun activities with campers.

– Rikki S.

I’m looking forward to having fun with my campers and making new friends.

–Alexa L.

Looking forward to seeing all the happy campers and working with them to ensure they have the best summer ever!!!

–Ali M.

I’m looking forward to meeting new people and making friends and maybe even learning how to swim myself!

– Lacey B.

Teaching the campers new sports!

– Jonathan G.

I am looking forward to the themed dress up days. I love when I can dress up and be silly with my campers. I am also looking forward to Olympics! I can’t believe camp starts in 114 days! Can it come any sooner?!

– Julia K.

This is my first time EVER being at summer camp, so I don’t think I even know what to be excited about! I am looking forward to finding out!

– Laura B.

I am looking forward to being a part of this amazing camp family and creating special bonds with fellow staff members and the campers!

– Anna P.

This summer at Shibley Day Camp I am looking forward to seeing the beautiful faces of my new and old campers! I’m also excited to be in the pool to teach the new campers and to watch my old campers continue to shine in the water.

– Paige T.

I am looking forward to camp because it’s a new opportunity for me and I know I will learn a lot about people and myself.

– Ruben M.

I am looking forward to getting to know the other camp counselors and experiencing the camp activities with the kids!

– new staff member

I am looking forward to having a ton of fun at camp. I’m also looking forward to seeing a lot of friendly faces!

– Melissa B.

I am looking forward to making great memories with the kids this summer!

– Isabel C.

I am most looking forward to becoming a member of the Shibley family. This will be my first summer and I can’t wait to build relationships that may last for many years.

– Mary Ellen T.

I’m looking forward to having my campers and staff to have the summer of their life filled with laughter, joy, and memories!

– Mary A.

The one thing that I am really looking forward to this summer is building a relationship with the campers. Last year was my first year as a camp counselor and the highlight of my day was seeing the smiles on the campers faces.

– Returning Staff Member

This summer I’m looking forward to helping kids and interacting with them in a way that’s both educational and enjoyable for them and me.

– Tremaine F.

I’m looking forward to seeing old camp friends and meeting new people, as well!

– Denise B.

This summer I am looking forward to meeting new people and gaining job experience with children.

– Adaezem U.

I am looking forward to meeting the Shibley staff for the first time and getting to know everyone! I am also so excited to be spending the whole summer outside, having fun with the campers!

– Sam P.

I am so excited to be part of the Shibley family and give kids the amazing experience of CAMP!

– Julie N.

For my first summer at Shibley, I am looking forward to getting to know my fellow campers and counselors.

– Noah S.

I can’t wait to make Shibley memories with my campers.

– Wendy F-P.

I am looking forward to more connections with children and counselors and continuing working at Shibley!!

– Allison R.

I am looking forward to going in the pool and being at Shibley Shibley!

– Jess C.

I am looking forward to seeing all the happy children and working with our Shibley families this summer.

– Grace M.

I am looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones!

– Eileen M.

I’m looking forward to meeting the kids and having fun with them. I’m super excited for this summer and can’t wait.

– Cathleen J.

Thank you for the opportunity of being part of your wonderful team. I am looking forward to another great summer at Shibley!

– Michaela P.

I am beyond excited to meet the kids I will be helping throughout the summer as well as my fellow coworkers.

– Irina P.

Our family is so excited to be returning to Shibley for our 3rd summer! I can’t wait to be with the Air Bungee Crew again! See you soon Shibley Shibley Summer 2023!

– Marissa M.

I look forward to helping the camper population feel at home.

– Shacan F.

Being exhausted in the best way possible at the end of the day after having nothing but fun with the campers!

– Jon K.

I am looking forward to making the summer the most memorable time for the campers and their families and networking with my peers and colleagues!

– Robin T.

One thing I am looking forward to at the camp is helping the kids learn and try new things.

– Jaeden F.

I’m excited to make new friends and make new memories this summer!

– Adrian G.

One thing I am looking forward to this summer is working with the campers and building relationships with them. I am excited to be a role model for them.

– Tori K.

I’m looking forward to meeting new people and having so much fun together! I can’t wait to see the amazing shows we will put on!!

– Jessica H.

I’m looking forward to working with my team again and welcoming new members onto our Adventure Staff! I can’t wait to see everyone after a long and (not so) cold winter!

– James M.

I am looking forward to meeting friendly faces and participating in fun activities. Most of all I am excited to have a great summer at Shibley!

– Taylor M.

Shibley Feels Like Family

My name is Michael Livoti. I’ve worked at Shibley Day Camp for the past two summers as an Adventure Park Specialist, and I love it. I love the people. I love the environment. I love the place. It’s a community that I’m proud to be a part of.

As an Adventure Park Specialist, my team and I oversee the junior and senior Adventure Parks.

I first heard about Shibley during the pandemic. I had lost my job, and was struggling to find a new one. I was talking to a friend of mine, and she, a previous camper and later counselor at Shibley, thought it would be a good place for me to apply.

It seemed reasonable enough. I mean, it would only be a summer job. I thought, I’ll go, make a little cash, get some sun, and then when the summer ends, I’m off to other things.

When my friend said to me, that not only was she still close with a few of the people at Shibley, but even described a couple of them as “family,” I was a little taken aback. I had gone to camp as a kid, and I never made any long-lasting relationships with anyone. In fact, I barely even fit in when I went.

I’ve always been someone who’s suffered from anxiety. So when I was a kid, one of the hardest parts was trying to overcome my own trepidations of the “unknown”. Finding the courage to push myself, and try the things I didn’t think I could do. I would be plagued with these thoughts at camp, and in many ways, it’s what isolated me from everyone else.

When I first got to Shibley, what struck me immediately was the ambience that resonated throughout the whole camp. Within seconds, you’re overcome by the green of the trees, the smell of fresh air, and the quiet of nature. You’ve left the world of the suburbs behind, and entered Shibley. 

Sometimes we would have campers come to Adventure Park, and I would see that same fear that would get the better of me, also overcome them. That desperation to conquer their fear, and the anguish when they couldn’t push themselves through. This always hit me the hardest, because I knew that feeling. But what made Shibley so special, and different from when I went to camp, is the support from not only the staff, but the campers. Everyone at Shibley is there to encourage each other, no matter what the activity or skill they are struggling through. I saw that encouragement first hand, and how sometimes that alone was all the camper needed to take that chance.

There was something truly amazing about a kid finding the courage to climb the Rockwall, zip on the zipline, or sometimes just do something as simple as watching them get suited up and take a few steps out. Being a part of that moment for them, seeing the joy on their faces, the cheers from their friends, there’s nothing quite like it.


Promotions & Introductions – Summer Leadership Additions

It is officially 2023 which means we are less than 6 months away from camp!!!!  Our year-round staff have been busy planning our summer calendar, enjoying the day-to-day evolution of our new Galaxy pool, and hiring great new seasonal staff, who will care for our campers all summer long.

Parents are more excited than ever to send their children to a screen free & back to nature environment, where kids can hone in on their social skills and have the opportunity to do the activities they love as well as try new things.

As our camp grows, we must also add to our superior summer leadership team. Meet a few of our new additions.


Melissa Slansky, a Junior Camp group leader who started at Shibley in 2019, will now become the new Junior Camp Assistant Director.  Melissa will be working directly with Hayley Burrows, our Junior Camp Director. Melissa’s spirit, charismatic personality and love for camp will serve the Shibley community well. As a mother of 4 children, she has seen it all and has the knowledge and experience we need to assist our group leaders and counselors in taking wonderful care of our campers.

“I am very excited to join my Shibley family in a new role this summer. Very few experiences compare to the summer camp experience. It is incredibly rewarding to help children develop confidence and independence while building friendships and exploring new experiences. I look forward to working with our amazing and nurturing staff so we can become the strongest team of role models for our Shibley campers.” – MELISSA

Victoria Bader, Group Leader for our Senior girls since 2017 will take on the role of Senior Camp Assistant Director, working directly with me in senior camp. Victoria is an educator and mother of two. She will provide support to our Senior camp staff, campers, and parents.

“Camp is the best! You make best friends, try new things and spend your summer outdoors. This rings true for children and grown-ups. I feel extremely lucky that I can share in this experience with my own children, campers and peers. I truly believe the best leaders come from hands-on involvement. The years I have spent as a group leader navigating the position on a daily basis has given me the tools and insight to best support new and seasoned group leaders. I bring with me humor, familiarity and warmth to this new position. I am looking forward to the summer of 2023 so I can grow as a leader and make an impact in a new way on our Shibley community.” – VICTORIA


I am excited to welcome Ariana Goldklang to our Shibley family. Ariana will be our second Assistant Aquatics Director and she will work with returning Aquatics Director, Jamie Haberstumpf, and returning Assistant Aquatics Director Gladys Lozano.

Ariana Goldklang comes with tremendous experience under her belt.  She has been the Aquatics Director at Camp Jacobson for the past 5 years. She safely implemented a swim program for camp during the difficult Summer of 2020 that allowed instruction to take place and campers to have fun and safely socialize and play in the pool with peers. Ariana is a school counselor in Queens and a natural born leader.

“What makes camp special for me is watching campers develop skills, try new things and feel confident in their abilities, in and out of the pool. What I hope to bring to Shibley is my love of swimming and what it does for kids, physically, mentally and emotionally. I hope to bring creativity to swim instruction because even in the most unpredictable of situations, there is always a way to help kids learn and grow in the pool. I also bring with me my passion for working with kids and my love of the camp environment and community!” – ARIANNA

Finally, I am happy to introduce you to Marci Kamberg, our new Director of Parent Communication and In-Season Staff Training. Marci has worked for 15 years at Camp Jacobson. The past 5 years Marci has been part of the senior leadership team as a Division Head at camp.  Marci is also a lead teacher in the Sid Jacobson JCC Nursery Program and a mother of two. She has a stellar reputation with camper families as well as the staff she trains and works with.  Marci will be a tremendous addition to our Leadership team.

“Looking back to my childhood, I have incredible memories of my many summers in both day and sleepaway camps. They are truly some of my most precious memories of my childhood. I worked my way up from CIT to group leader and in most recent years I have been a part of the leadership. I truly believe that camp is about making lifelong friendships, trying new things and having fun. There is something magical at camp where special things happen every day. There is nothing better than seeing campers’ excitement when the magic happens; learning to swim for the first time, trying a new food, being the lead in a performance, getting their first hit on the ball field or getting creative at arts and crafts.  All of these things and so much more are what puts smiles on children’s faces and brings joy to my heart. I am looking forward to bringing my positive high energy, love for children, and desire to have fun every day into the Shibley environment.  I want to inspire each child every day so that they enjoy camp as much as I did.  My wish is to help them to make life long memories that they will recall with big smiles on their faces for years to come.” – MARCI

I am so excited for summer to begin so I can see Melissa, Victoria, Ariana and Marci in action.  They are incredible individuals who will add so much experience and expertise to our program.  We at camp are very proud and grateful to welcome them to our Shibley family.


Thoughts on Our GREEN Values

It was incredible to see how much had changed at Shibley Day Camp during my seven-summer hiatus, from the vast improvements throughout the grounds to the expansion of activity offerings. One change that really resonated with me was the implementation of GREEN values, in an age where we continue to become more and more socially conscious, environmentally aware and active, and focused on the importance of embracing and celebrating diversity and inclusion.

According to Shibley’s website, Our Shibley community is guided by our GREEN values: Generosity, Respect, Empathy, Endurance & Nurture. And boy, is it true! I had the opportunity of learning about, experiencing, and living by Shibley’s GREEN values during Summer 2022 – from our GREEN Fridays to GREEN assemblies and the reenforcement and demonstration of these values as a part of each camp day.

We are GENEROUS — givers of our time, our resources, our kindness, and our spirit. We have ENDURANCE — we see that life is not just about the destination, but also the journey. We will push ourselves, encourage each other, and stop at nothing to achieve both our individual and team goals using all resources available to us. We NURTURE — we see camp as a place to learn, to make mistakes, and to grow, all in a safe, supportive, and loving environment. However, If I had to pick the two GREEN Values that are  most meaningful to me, I’d choose RESPECT and EMPATHY.

I believe that the foundation of any successful team, group, classroom, cast, relationship, etc. is mutual RESPECT. It’s the “Golden Rule” — treat others as you want to be treated. Much of the conflict we face in our daily lives can be addressed just by putting this simple principle into practice. Think: “How would I want to be treated if in this situation myself?”

From a young age, we have an instinct to EMPATHIZE with one another. In other words, we seek to acknowledge and feel what someone else is feeling without passing judgment. The more we try to understand and relate to each other’s emotions, the greater our ability to foster love, kindness, and connection in our society.

Camp is the perfect place to learn and practice these values and the skills that go along with them!

CLICK HERE for more information about our GREEN Values

Facility Upgrades at Shibley Day Camp

Hi! I’m Danny, Director of Operations, and I want to share with you some of the work we have done on the grounds at Shibley over the past few years and our tentative plans for the future. Enjoy!

This is our awesome facility team: Liam, Rashawn, Hunter, Dan & Kevin

Over the past few years we have made many upgrades to our facility. For Summer 2023 our big project is adding a 5th pool, the Galaxy Pool, up in Senior Camp. This new pool will be located next to the current Infinity Pool. This pool will add more intermediate/deep water space for our older campers and in turn open up more space in the pools down in Junior Camp (The Happy Pool, The Cool Pool and The Champion Pool) for our younger campers.

The other areas we are working on for this upcoming summer are in our senior and junior bunks. We are adding bunk space and additional bathrooms into existing bunks. This is a continuation of the beautification of all of our bunks, both inside and outside, that has been ongoing for about 7 years. The interior (walls/bathrooms) and exterior (siding/roof) of many bunks have been upgraded over this time.

We are also adding more seating to our beautiful outdoor theater for shows and camp gatherings.

Last year we added some exciting new elements to our adventure program. At the Senior Adventure Park we added a brand new climbing wall and new elements throughout the course, including the Green Values bridge that now leads to the zip line.  We also added a zip line and new element to the Junior Adventure Park for our younger campers.

Before last summer we also began renovating the dining hall, starting with a brand new roof. We will continue to upgrade the dining hall and kitchen areas over the next few years with additional projects outside and inside the building.

Other upgrades to our facility from the past few years include:

  • renovation of Junior Field and new junior gaga court

  • new fencing around camp
  • relocated car wash (kid wash) water activity

  • new golf cart for tours and getting around camp

  • repaired and upgraded various fields and courts throughout camp
  • added and expanded outdoor seating for lunch and snacks
  • new science and nature activity area

What’s Next? Here are some ideas we are working on for the future.

  • new Junior Camp creative play village
  • expanded go kart track
  • upgrades to inside of dining hall and kitchen
  • more field/court upgrades

What would you like to see us add/upgrade/change at camp?

Let me know: danny@shibleydaycamp.com 

We are Thankful for our Thankful Staff

I’m thankful each time I return to Shibley because the timeless, screenless, active summers are restorative to my mind, body, and soul. It’s a much-needed reset in today’s world! – Jared H

I am thankful for the lifelong friendships that I have been able to create at Shibley while at the same time helping campers make new discoveries about themselves through trying new activities and having fun. – Matthew C (Boomer)

I am thankful to return to Shibley next summer because Shibley is an amazing environment full of fun and positive experiences. The number one reason I want to return to Shibley is because I really enjoyed giving kids the best summer of their lives. – 2022 Staff Member

I’m thankful for the kinship I have found at Shibley – Gladys L

I am so thankful for tons of things in life, but most of all, thankful to return to Shibley Summer Day Camp. Why? Because I’ll be reunited with lots of you who I met. – Erick V

I am thankful for all our beautiful Shibley children! You guys are the reason why I am returning to Shibley next summer and make more wonderful memories. – Esther C

Enjoying every camp day alongside the campers brings me great energy and joy! I am so thankful to be able to play in the sun with the campers from the minute the camp day starts until the last bus leaves the Shibley grounds. – Jon K

I’m thankful for everyone who has made me feel welcome to Shibley. And I’m thankful for the kids who have made working there so rewarding.  – Lara M

I am so thankful for having the opportunity to work with such wonderful people.  The summer cannot come fast enough. – Kyla V

💚Shibley has been a forever happy place for myself and my children since day one. I am thankful for working with an amazing and supportive staff that have and will be my friends for many summers to come. 💚 – Deb L

The reason I want to return to Shibley next summer is because of the amazing staff and campers I got to spend every day with. Last year was my first summer at Shibley so I was so nervous to be there at first, but after getting to meet such a welcoming staff and group of campers, I had an incredible summer, and I attribute that to all of those I was surrounded by. – Nico M

I am thankful to return to Shibley because it is such a positive work environment.  The #1 reason I want to return to Shibley is because I love working with the children, and also love working with my amazing coworkers. I am looking forward to spending another summer working with Shibley. – 2022 Staff Member

I am thankful to have found a family at Shibley Day Camp and I look forward to returning to them next summer to make more memories, both with campers and coworkers, that will last a lifetime. – Arabella N

I am so thankful for my Shibley family
Love being at Shibley Day Camp the smiles and laughter from the children and happy music when walking around camp makes me feel like I am in Disney all summer long Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 to all! Shibley Shibley – Grace M

I am thankful to return to Shibley because I was able to meet new people and create memories with them. The one reason I would want to return would be I can meet more people and create more bonds with children and coworkers. – Vivian M

I am Thankful to return to Shibley for the Summer of 2023! My #1 reason I want to return to Shibley is to see the Smiling Faces of the many Shibley campers & staff.  This includes my Bungee Crew. I love seeing the Shibley campers having FUN on Bungee- asking to go to “the Top Floor” or doing multiple flips or even getting the courage to do their first flip ever. This will be our 3rd Summer at Shibley. We can’t wait for Summer 2023. Shibley Shibley – Marisa M

I am so thankful to return to Shibley next summer because that means I get to meet new campers and make memories again!  The Shibley campers make the summer so enjoyable!! – Jess C