Facility Upgrades at Shibley Day Camp

Hi! I’m Danny, Director of Operations, and I want to share with you some of the work we have done on the grounds at Shibley over the past few years and our tentative plans for the future. Enjoy!

This is our awesome facility team: Liam, Rashawn, Hunter, Dan & Kevin

Over the past few years we have made many upgrades to our facility. For Summer 2023 our big project is adding a 5th pool, the Galaxy Pool, up in Senior Camp. This new pool will be located next to the current Infinity Pool. This pool will add more intermediate/deep water space for our older campers and in turn open up more space in the pools down in Junior Camp (The Happy Pool, The Cool Pool and The Champion Pool) for our younger campers.

The other areas we are working on for this upcoming summer are in our senior and junior bunks. We are adding bunk space and additional bathrooms into existing bunks. This is a continuation of the beautification of all of our bunks, both inside and outside, that has been ongoing for about 7 years. The interior (walls/bathrooms) and exterior (siding/roof) of many bunks have been upgraded over this time.

We are also adding more seating to our beautiful outdoor theater for shows and camp gatherings.

Last year we added some exciting new elements to our adventure program. At the Senior Adventure Park we added a brand new climbing wall and new elements throughout the course, including the Green Values bridge that now leads to the zip line.  We also added a zip line and new element to the Junior Adventure Park for our younger campers.

Before last summer we also began renovating the dining hall, starting with a brand new roof. We will continue to upgrade the dining hall and kitchen areas over the next few years with additional projects outside and inside the building.

Other upgrades to our facility from the past few years include:

  • renovation of Junior Field and new junior gaga court

  • new fencing around camp
  • relocated car wash (kid wash) water activity

  • new golf cart for tours and getting around camp

  • repaired and upgraded various fields and courts throughout camp
  • added and expanded outdoor seating for lunch and snacks
  • new science and nature activity area

What’s Next? Here are some ideas we are working on for the future.

  • new Junior Camp creative play village
  • expanded go kart track
  • upgrades to inside of dining hall and kitchen
  • more field/court upgrades

What would you like to see us add/upgrade/change at camp?

Let me know: danny@shibleydaycamp.com