The Magic of Music in Camp 

At Shibley Day Camp we have music playing throughout camp all day long. Music is important and can have an impact on how we act and feel as we move through our day. Starting in the morning, as the staff prepares to welcome our campers and the buses pull in, music can be heard in Junior and Senior Camps. Staff that welcome the campers off the bus and guide them to their bunks are singing, dancing & smiling. Their positive energy flows immediately down to the campers as they step off the bus and dance their way up to see their friends. Our hope is that any negativity that may be a part of their lives outside of camp is wiped away by the positive vibes of camp…and music is a big part of that.

Another great result of playing music all day is the connections that are formed through knowledge of songs, artists and pop culture associated. Children hear songs that they have heard their parents listening to and see their counselors enjoying the same music. Parents play songs in the car and children are reminded of where they were at camp when they heard that song today. Campers realize they enjoy the same artist or watch the same movie or show that a song may come from and they bond over that shared interest. Counselors and leadership staff of all ages bond over their favorite classic hits and what they currently enjoy on the radio.

It’s also fun to include songs that have been performed in camp productions, at Senior Sing, in talent shows, and in our big end of summer Olympics competition. A dance party is likely to break out in the pool, at arts & crafts or in the middle of a kickball game if the right song comes on at the right time.

Of course, Halloween Day has its’ own playlist (Ghostbusters Theme, Monster Mash, This is Halloween) as does the Shibley 500 (lots of songs by the Cars and from the Pixar Cars movies) and our other Shibley special events.

I’ve listed below just a few of my favorite songs to include on our camp playlists. I know I will be adding some new songs from Frozen 2 (who else can’t get those out of their head?) and we are always looking to expand the playlist. What songs would you like your children to listen to throughout the day at camp?

  • We Belong Together – Randy Newman – Toy Story 3
  • Can’t Stop the Feeling – Justin Timberlake – Trolls
  • Little Bit O’Soul – Musical Explosion
  • Beautiful Day – U2
  • This is Me – Keala Settles – The Greatest Showman
  • Good Day Sunshine – The Beatles
  • Kikiwaka – Bunk’d theme song
  • Count on Me – Bruno Mars
  • A Cover is Not the Book – Mary Poppins Returns
  • Don’t Worry Be Happy – Bobby McFerrin
  • We Rock – Camp Rock
  • Yoda – Weird Al
  • You’re My Best Friend – Queen
  • You’ll Be in My Heart- Phil Collins – Tarzan
  • The Climb – Miley Cyrus
  • Stand By Me – Ben. E. King
  • Sunny Afternoon – The Kinks
  • Paradise – Coldplay
  • Best Day of My Life – American Authors
  • Happy Together – The Turtles

Facilities Updates

All year long our amazing facilities team works throughout the day to make our camp safer, more fun and more beautiful. This winter they are working on (and almost done with) a few projects we wanted to share with you.

New roofs are going on a handful of bunks in Junior Camp.

We have expanded last year’s JG1 bunk to accommodate our growing population of campers in Junior Camp.

New stairs leading up to the SG1 and SG2 bunks (The Commons) will allow the campers to get up and down from their bunks faster and easier. That means more time at each activity!

Our Lego and Music Rooms are getting a facelift. We are redoing the bathrooms, putting in new walls and updating the interior of that side of the building to match the beautiful summer office it is attached to.

We have more projects planned this winter and spring and we are excited to update you via blogs and social media, but more excited for you to come see the renovations in person as we get closer to camp.

Stay warm!