Why I Work at Camp for a Living

I work at camp for a living. I am lucky. The reason that I do it is because of the impact that my excellent day camp and sleepaway camp experiences had on me as a child. I am confident, I take risks and I’m not afraid to be myself in pretty much any situation that arises. Of course, my wonderful parents have to get some credit also, but camp has definitely played a huge part in allowing me to become the person I am today.

After 10 months of sitting in an office and working with the full time team to prepare everything for camp, it is now time to sit back and see the campers enjoy what we have planned for them.  We will smile as they make new friends, reach new heights (literally and figuratively), become excellent swimmers, improve their athletic skills, create cool projects and perform in front of others. We want them to come home and tell you what has peaked their interest and who they want to be like when they grow up.

Our outstanding staff of leaders and role models will lead the way and create a new generation of leaders and role models to follow. And in just 6 more days we can watch it all happen in front of us!

I’ve Been Here Since I Was 4 & I Still Can’t Wait for Each New Summer to Begin!

There are only 10 days left before camp begins and there is such a positive energy in the air as we are here working toward opening day.  We are working day and night getting ready for your children to arrive one week from Monday.

As always, it will be a spectacular summer of fun, laughter, new friends, personal achievements and yummy camp lunches.  I can’t wait for it to begin and I am sure your children feel the same way.  It’s definitely time for a break from school and for time spent in the great outdoors.  Yay, it’s almost CAMP TIME!!

I can’t wait to see those children!

What I Am Excited for This Summer

4 women staff

Really?!? Only 12 days until camp? That is music to my ears.

In just over a week, we get to return to our Summer home – Shibley Day Camp. And I couldn’t be more PUMPED for my 25th year at Shibley. What still has me excited after so many years? The smiles of joy I get to see on a daily basis from our campers and staff does the trick every time. I love watching our campers try new activities, make new friends, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Equally, I love seeing Shibley’s staff work hard, have fun, and cultivate their professional skill sets.

This past weekend many of our veteran staff gathered on the campgrounds to welcome all the new staff for Summer 2018.  The training has begun, the campgrounds and facilities have never looked better, and the pieces we work on all year long are coming together to create magic.

Only 12 more days until we get to start making new friends, trying new things, and having the best Summer of our lives! As for me, I consider myself a very lucky lady…..because I will spend my summer with all of you!

I would love to hear what you are looking forward to for Summer 2018.  Please send me an email with your thoughts at Randi@shibleydaycamp.com!

Randi, Shibley staff

Facility Updates – All That’s Missing are the Campers!

Camp is less than one month away!  The trees are in full bloom and camp is GREEN.  Our incredible facilities team is putting the finishing touches on the property and camp looks awesome!!  For this month’s blog, I want everyone to get excited about the Field of Dreams, Fenway Park, new sandboxes AND our new Welcome to Shibley area in Junior Camp.

The fields are ready for some baseball, softball and kickball – check out how great they look!

And, we know how much everyone loves the sand at Shibley.  This year, we created boxes where the campers will be able to play in the sand.  (We also purchased some new shovels and pails, so we look forward to seeing our creative campers in action!)

Lastly, we have a brand new Welcome To Shibley Day Camp all set to welcome the buses on Day 1!

Please join me, once again, in thanking our ever expanding facility team – Billy, Mario, Carlos, Danny, Danny and Liam.

I always love to hear from families and staff.  Please reach out with any feedback or thoughts.  You can always reach me at rachel@shibleydaycamp.com.

It’s really the countdown until Summer 2018…

New Website, Reminders & Rescheduled Spring Fling


We are excited that you have come to visit our BRAND NEW WEBSITE! Please look at it on your computers, tablets and phones and let us know what you think!


We hope you are available to join us for the RESCHEDULED Spring Fling on Sunday, June 10 from 1pm-4pm. Enjoy air bungee, Green Giant, face painting, games & light refreshments with your family and friends. Sylvan Learning of Port Washington will demonstrate some of the robotics and coding activities we have in store for campers this summer. This event is for current Shibley families and prospective families that wish to learn more about camp for 2018 or 2019.


We are also available for camp tours 7 days-a-week if you are not available on 6/10.


Don’t forget to send in a completed medical form for each camper attending Shibley ASAP if you have not already done so! The form can be found in your CampMinder account. The form must be completed by your child’s pediatrician.

Please also let us know the exact dates of camp your child(ren) will attend this summer if you have not already.

Back to Where I Started

The other day, in my capacity as a standards visitor for the American Camp Association (ACA), I visited the day camp that I attended when I was a child. I love being a part of the accreditation process for local day camps. This is my 7th year as a visitor and I hope to stay involved for years to come. For me, there aren’t many feelings that are better than stepping into a camp, especially on a beautiful spring day like it happened to be last week. This time it was even more meaningful, having spent summers at this day camp at an early age. Even with all of the updated amenities and facilities it was very recognizable. Walking through certain parts of the camp gave me the chills.

The first thing we (myself, an associate visitor and a camp director) do is sit down at this time of year and review…wait for it…paperwork. It doesn’t sound exciting, but It is very interesting to see how so many successful accredited camps and summer programs meet the standards set forth by the ACA in their own unique ways. Handbooks, charts, forms, digital documents, orientation outlines, etc., etc. How, when, what and to whom we communicate has become one of the most important parts of running any program that involves children. We looked at all sorts of certifications and written policies.

We took a quick walk around camp which was interesting because there were several projects in progress that we will get to observe the children enjoying in just a few weeks. During the summer we visit the camp up for accreditation while it is in action. We observe arrival, instructional swim, lunch procedures and many of the activities as they take place while we tour around camp checking for standard compliance. We review any paperwork not seen in the previous visit or timely items like current health forms and nurse logs. We document it all and if the timing works out, we eat lunch with the campers before we part.

In essence we have the opportunity to experience a few hours of another camp which means we watch children participating in valuable activities with interest and excitement. And in case you didn’t know, creating a camp program where children feel this way for 39 days straight is my passion. The goal of the ACA accreditation process is EDUCATION, EDUCATION & ECUATION. If we do it right, the camp being accredited, and the visitors should each walk away with ideas on how to make their respective camps even safer. I am so excited for this summer’s visit, I’m sure I will follow this up with some details when it’s complete.

If anyone out there is a camp professional and looking for a way to volunteer, I recommend becoming a standards visitor! You can share your camp knowledge and experience, keep children at all camps and summer programs safe and improve your own camp by learning from others! I can point you in the right direction- heath@shibleydaycamp.com.