And Life is Never the Same

I had the joy and privilege this past month of becoming a grandma for the first time.  Brody Lucas Chase was born on September 17th at 9:25 in the evening.  It was a wonderful delivery, and mommy, daddy and baby thank goodness couldn’t be better.  This baby boy is the first grandchild on both sides of the family, so you can imagine the unmatched excitement from all sides.  Brody Lucas had a loud and enthusiastic cheering section in the waiting room as all 4 soon to be grandparents and aunts and uncles spent the day together.  Even before Brody arrived, you could feel the love welling inside all of us, and the ease with which these 2 families came together as we had done before when Jacob and Lindsey were wed.  There is something magical about a newborn baby and how this little precious being could instantly bring so much love and joy. A renewal of faith if you will.

I had been told time and time again that being a grandparent is the ultimate joy in life. And it is!  It’s like being the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae. I have a wise friend who describes grandchildren as the sweet desserts of life.  And they are!  But here’s the part that took my breath away that I didn’t see coming…..watching my own son become a parent. This was an aha moment I will never forget. Watching this beautiful young couple become a family of three. I saw my son, who loves laying on the couch watching TV, and still playing video games, transform into  the most attentive, adoring  father and husband.   Please don’t misunderstand, he was always a terrific husband, but for those of us who are parents, we know that something very special happens to you when a child of yours comes into this world.  And life is never the same.

Meet Stefanie

Dear Shibley Families,

I am so excited to be joining you at Shibley Day Camp and wanted to take this opportunity to share a bit more about myself with each of you! I have been fortunate enough to spend my whole life in camping living ten for two. I began working my way through the camp hierarchy at a very young age. After having been a camper for many years, I then embraced the roles of counselor, group leader, head counselor and most recently, associate director.

I am so lucky to have been able to spend my entire professional career in camping. After 15 years full time at a premier sleepaway camp in New York it is exciting to now have the opportunity to be a part of the Shibley Day Camp team. I am extremely passionate about camp and all that it affords children far beyond the home and school settings and I am eager to partner with each of you to ensure success for every camper here at camp. I look forward to connecting with you personally and getting to know each Shibley family and staff member. In the meantime, if you would like to reach out I would love to hear from you at

Warm Regards,


The Boys of SSB1

This past summer I was really impressed by a group of boys. They were our 2018 Super Senior Boys 1 (SSB1) and they embody the GREEN Values that we celebrate at Shibley.

Many of these boys play competitive travel baseball. They are athletes, and they are the right kind of athletes. One evening after camp I watched some of them play and win a championship game. It was especially exciting for me; my daughters are passionate about dancing but I have fond memories of playing ball growing up. I also had the honor to be the special guest pitcher and play softball with SSB1 at camp. Each of these games was exciting, but the game played at camp showed a lot about these boys and all the boys as well as all the other boys in that group.

They were competitive and took every play seriously. They were upset when they made an out. They showed disappointment when a teammate struck out or didn’t make an “easy” play. But all with the most respect and empathy you would want from any friend or child. They get it. They all do. You could see how they felt, but their sportsmanship was top notch win or lose. They moved on to their next activities with a smile.

The campers in the group who excel at other sports or academics or swimming or singing also played hard and contributed positively to the success of their teams. Some surprised themselves and showed great improvement with the bat and glove from the beginning of the summer to the end. The sportsmanship taught by the counselors and displayed by the campers was exceptional.

And then it’s these other campers’ time to shine when they go to cooking…and tae kwon do…and science… and theater…and arts & crafts…and the adventure park…etc. And at each of these venues all of the campers showed the same enthusiasm as when they were on the ball field.

These boys couldn’t wait until Summer 2019 so they got together at home and became Shibley Chefs on their own.

They are great children with great values instilled by the adults and role models in their lives, including of course the excellent SSB1 group staff.  Some of the staff attended that championship game at night and have formed positive relationships with the boys over their summers at Shibley. We are lucky to have loyal Shibley Group Leaders and Counselors that truly care about their campers and spend their own personal time supporting them.  And we are lucky to have the boys of SSB1 at camp. We hope to see them (and you) at our Fall Festival in a few weeks.

Shibley Shibley!

Food Drive for St. Peter of Alcantara Church

This summer we held a food drive to fill the pantry at St. Peter of Alcantara Church. We want to thank all of the families for their donations during Visiting Week! This is just some of what we collected!

Here are some letters the campers wrote to the veterans that this food will be donated to:


You’ve Got Friends at Shibley

When the road looks rough ahead

And you can’t get that shibley shibley out of your head

Just remember what your old pals said

You’ve got friends at Shibley


You’ve got troubles, and we’ve got’em too

There isn’t anything that we wouldn’t do for you

We’re here all year so come and visit soon

You’ve got friends at Shibley


There’s lots of other places that you could possibly be

Faraway vacations and cruises out to sea

But none of them compares to a day at Shibley


And as the schoolyear goes by

Our friendship will never end

Any season and no matter what time

You’ve got friends at Shibley

The Goose Cup

by Brandon Etan Reed

It’s the last week of camp, which for the past 45 years has meant one very special thing – it’s time for the Goose Cup!!  Preparation for the Goose Cup, Shibley’s legendary street hockey tournament, begins early in the summer.  In July, Mark Becker, the SSB1 Group Leader, took all of the counselors in SB3 and SSB1 (the two groups that play in the tournament) out to dinner to draft teams. Once the counselors chose their teams (there were 4 of them this year), our 6 games got underway.  Each game is intense from the first one all the way to the Semi-Finals which ended with a thrilling come from behind victory for the Black Knights.  That earned the Black Knights a spot in the 2018 Goose Cup where they’ll play the Mighty Pucks on Tuesday, August 14th.

What does it feel like to be in the Goose Cup? Amazing! You get to have an intense battle in front of tons of people. My friend, Craig, has dreamed of winning the Goose Cup and having his name engraved on the cup (which would make him a Shibley legend!) since he was 3-years-old.

The big game takes place at Fenway Park in Senior Camp, which is designed with big banners and lines on the field.  The excitement begins as soon as the benches become loaded with campers and family members.  It builds when Mark Becker (who has been part of the Goose Cup for 20 years) begins announcing some previous winners as well as each current player who comes out wearing a customized t-shirt (this year, we got to design our own shirts and both starting goalies got to design helmets).

Once the players are ready to begin, Mark starts his play-by-play, which he continues throughout the entire game.  In addition to the play-by-play, we also have referees, penalties, and time outs if we attempt any high sticks, slashing, or heckling.  There’s an intermission too.  This makes everything feel like a replica of a real hockey game.  The Goose Cup is always very exciting and competitive!  Shibley Day Camp is also concerned with every camper’s safety. The goalies have helmets and the rest of the players in the field wear goggles.

When the final whistle is blown, the winning team’s coach carries out the tradition of choosing 4 MVP’s to pour fruit punch into the famous Shibley hole into the ravine.  The winning team also marches around the field with the famous Goose Cup trophy chanting “goose, goose, goose.”

At the end of the day, you get to bring two things home (well, three if you’re the goalie and have a helmet) – your jersey and some wonderful memories!

Thanks for reading and have an amazing rest of your summer!