Who Misses Baseball?

If you or your children are like me, at this time of year you count on a baseball game to entertain you virtually every night. I miss Sunday afternoons at the ballpark or at home sitting by the tv and cheering on the Mets. Many of our campers are missing out on their own baseball season as well, which we know is very disappointing. It used to upset me when ONE game was rained out so I can only imagine how these children feel right now.

So…let’s get out our baseball jerseys and hats (I don’t think we need to put cleats on) because…

This Sunday at 1pm we are going to host a ZOOM for campers and staff that want to talk baseball. Members of the Shibley staff and I look forward to sharing some baseball cards and other memorabilia that we have collected over the years and talking about what we love about the game. We want to hear from our campers and parents as well! Please reply and let me know if you will join us.

We will send a link to all 2020 campers and staff on Sunday morning. 

What are Stefanie & Noah up to?

Although certain aspects of our lives have been put on hold for the time being, it seems I’m busier than ever! Check out my list of what’s been keeping me occupied, I’m sure you’ve been doing some of the same things. See how much we have in common!

  • Playing outside
  • Going for long walks
  • Listening to music
  • Watching movies
  • Riding my bike
  • Doing work and having video conference calls
  • Cooking and baking
  • Singing songs
  • Cleaning and organizing my closets
  • Playing board games
  • Talking and laughing with friends and family
  • Facetiming with family and friends-Doing puzzles
  • Reading
  • Playing inside with Noah (toys are the best, just ask Heath – have you seen his office?)

I can’t wait to hear about how you have been keeping busy! I know it’s not easy but we’ll get through this together!

Stay safe, healthy and positive!

Shibley Shibley! We Miss You!

Hello from our remote Shibley workspaces! We hope this email finds you well and continuing to make the best of our current situation. Last week we posted tips to help transform all the parents into teachers. How is that going?

This week we have been posting video messages from staff to campers on our FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM pages. You can watch the Facebook videos even if you don’t have an account.

Randi posted about her experience working from home on the SHIBLOG. She had a great setup and we bet that your creative children have designed some cool workspaces or set themselves up next to you as you work from home.  Please send us some pictures and we will post them next week. We would also enjoy seeing any cool forts or hideouts that your children have built out of pillows and such. Let’s keep each other entertained and share fun ideas!

Shibley Shibley! Notes from camp…

First and foremost, we hope this email finds you and your family safe, healthy and with all of the resources you need in this unique and unprecedented time in our lives. Please know that your Shibley family is here for you in any way that we can be. We are monitoring the situation and carefully reviewing information we receive from the CDC, our local Health Department and the American Camp Association.

We want you to know that we fully anticipate opening camp in 101 days, and we continue to operate as such. After weeks of isolation and little socialization, camp will be even more important than ever for our children. We continue to hire outstanding staff and make great improvements to our facility as we prepare for the best summer yet!

We are all in this together! Please note:

  • We have adjusted the final payment date from April 15 to May 15. We will not run any automatic credit card payments before May 15. If you wish to continue with monthly payments as planned, please let us know.
  • We are posting daily teaching tips and sending plenty of positive vibes via:
  • We have canceled all events through April and postponed our family outing to Citi Field.

We have always done right by our wonderful camp families and will continue to do so in accordance with our GREEN Values. We are working remotely but available as usual by phone (516) 621-8777 or email. We will continue to update you as the news evolves.  We look forward to seeing everyone soon…summer will come!

Shibley Shibley!

High Tech Randi

Greetings and love to my Shibley family.  I write to you today from the comforts of my home, specifically my dining room which is now my make-shift office.  As I glance out my window I see the gardeners starting their spring clean-up and my heart and spirits are lifted as I know Summer is coming.  And for those of you who know me, Shibley Camp is my happy place.

I have my Shibley special events calendar to my right and the yummy menu to my left.  I have binders filled with group schedules to check over and a pile of resumes to go through.  And while I love in-person face-to-face interviews in the Shibley Winter Mansion followed by a great tour of the grounds, I am practicing social distancing and having wonderful conversations with potential staff through Facetime, Google Duo and Zoom. Never in my wildest dreams would I have envisioned myself juggling 2020 technology and digital platforms, but then again never could I have imagined what’s going on around us either.  Usually, when I’m in the office I will give a nod to Heath or Danny to set me up, but these days I am doing it on my own and feeling quite proud of myself. Haha….. full steam ahead as we hire great staff who are equally as excited for Day 1 of camp to arrive.

Through the turmoil and uncertainty come hidden gifts and treasures.  All of us have been given the gift of time, which hopefully we shall use wisely. Think about our normal daily routines and how we take them for granted, and let’s face the new with a smile. Let your creative inner spirit blossom.  How many of us in our hectic busy daily routines dream about what we would do if we had a free day.  I have been spending oodles of time facetiming with family from all over the country and reconnecting.  Long walks with my husband around the neighborhood have been joyful.  I even cleaned a few closets and put pictures in photo albums-YES!!!!!!  PHOTO ALBUMS!!!!!

My favorite part of the day is facetiming with our Grandson, Brody, now 18 months old.  My son or daughter in law, who are also working from home, hold the phone and we watch him go.  We sing together, recite nursery rhymes, read books, play with puzzles and just gush over every move and sound he makes.  It’s heaven.  Most of us are home now with our core loved ones.  Take this opportunity to spend quality time.  Have special conversations, play board games, watch old home videos, share pictures of loved ones , share playlists, dance in the living room, cook recipes you always hoped to make but never had the time for.  You see what I mean…..you can do anything you want with your favorite people in the world and time is on your side.

As far as camp goes, we are at your service. The new normal still has us registering new campers for Summer 2020, hiring staff, planning programming and improving the grounds.  We can be reached on the camp office phone or you can reach out by emails.  We are here for you to answer any questions that pop up.  Our Shibley family remains our #1 priority and we wish you well and best wishes as we get through these challenging times together.

Heath’s Home School Tips

“A life is not important except for the impact it has on other lives.” – Jackie Robinson #42

Each day this week Heath is going to provide a little insight on working with your children  at home during this unique time. He is a former elementary school teacher and father of 2nd & 7th grade girls. Please share YOUR daily experiences and pictures in the comments on social media or email to heath@shibleydaycamp.com. We can all work through this together!


Field Trip Friday – Change things up once a week from your normal “teaching” routine. Many teachers have Fun Friday or something similar.

  • Go outside (somewhere with space where people can keep their distance) and take an observation walk. Ask your chid to
      • Write down notes about animals or plants they see
      • Compare the exterior of two houses
      • Sketch a picture of something they see in front of them, add in an element of fantasy like a uniocorn or monster to the picture and write a fiction piece about their picture

Try and have a routine most days but it’s great to do something different once a week. Make it a surprise!


It is important and helpful for children to speak their ideas aloud so they and others can hear their thoughts.

-Teachers call this “Turn and Talk.”

-Students often hear and correct issues with their reading/writing that they don’t see as easily while correcting on paper.

-It reinforces what they have learned.

  • Have them FaceTime with peers working on similar assignments and discuss what they have learned – give them a question or problem to answer together
  • Have them read stories or writing pieces aloud via FaceTime to grandparents and other relatives who may be isolated due to age or health concerns
  • They can also record themselves on video and watch back to give themselves feedback

If your family has multiple children, have them all share work and ideas on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter how old they are.


You must review, give some sort of feedback or ask a follow up question about every assignment that your child completes. And in a timely manner. Why?

  • to make sure they understand what they have done
  • to make sure they’ve done what you asked
  • to show them it’s important and not just busy work
  • to show them that your expectations may be different from their teacher’s and that’s ok for the next few weeks
    • How many of you have already heard, “But that’s not how my teacher told me to do it!!!”?

“That is a great looking vampire, why did you choose to make the cape purple?”

“Can you tell me why you chose to add those numbers? Why not subtract?”


Find books or articles about topics that your children already love to read or talk about. This will help them develop a love for reading and make them more likely to become life-long readers.

    • Today we read “Spider-man vs. Sandman”. I asked my 2nd grader to write 3 sentences in response to this question- Who are the two main characters and why are they fighting?
    • She must use at least two details from the story in her answer.
    • If your child struggles with finding details- ask them to tell you their answer aloud. Many children will be able to speak their answer and it will help them organize their thoughts before putting them on paper.