Thinking About Sleepaway Camp?

Camp Akeela – Thetford Center, Vermont

Camp Akeela is a co-ed, overnight camp in Vermont where “quirky” kids thrive! Within a well-rounded and traditional camp program, we focus on the social growth of campers, many of whom have been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome or a similar ASD profile. Akeela is an intentional community that values and celebrates each child and staff member. Campers make life-long friends, develop self-confidence, achieve independence, and leave camp with lasting memories filled with fun and spirit.


Camp Cobbossee for Boys – Monmouth, Maine

Cobbosseee is the nation’s premiere four-week boys sports-and-adventure camp. Nestled on the shores of gorgeous Lake Cobbossee, Cobbosseee is one of the oldest continuously-running camps in the nation. Cobbossee is a place where sports and competition occupy a central facet of our summer program – but never at the expense of grace, class, or brotherhood. We know that competition and a healthy social culture are not mutually exclusive. Our boys form deep, lasting connections with each other, their counselors, and the veteran leadership at Cobbossee. Beyond sports, Cobbossee offers a rich program on our breathtaking waterfront, as well as a fully-developed adventure program in Maine’s forests, rivers, oceans, and mountains.


Camp Danbee – Hinsdale, Massachusetts

Camp Danbee offers girls both a full season and partial (Danbee in 4 or Danbee in 3) enrollment option. Spirit and instruction best describes our program. Small bunk ratios of 8 campers to 3 staff members insures quality supervision. 12 tennis courts, 2 heated pools, state of the art Gymnastics facility, along with a comprehensive arts and dance program highlight some of the many offerings. Located on Lake Ashmere in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts, Danbee is a traditional and very spirited summer for girls from 7 to 15 years old.

Danbee’s low (1:3) counselor/camper ratio. Our emphasis on skill development and participation over competition gives girls a chance to succeed, to build self-confidence, and to grow at their own pace. Promoting resilience and empowering our girls since 1950.


Greenwoods Camp for Boys – Decatur, Michigan

More than a sports camp, Greenwoods is a community focused on inclusion and character development. Whether you are a competitive athlete, a musician, or love water sports … there is a place for you at Greenwoods. We teach sportsmanship on the field and teamwork in the bunks. Our elective program allows campers to choose a competitive or non-competitive schedule.  A competitive camper may choose to participate in sports leagues and tournament play with our highly skilled coaches, satisfying even the most competitive spirit. A less competitive campers may choose to participate in sports instruction to improve his skills, or elect not to participate in team sports.

Greenwoods encourages boys to gain a sense of independence, but that does not mean they are doing it on their own. Our counselors, coaches and directors support and encourage boys every step of the way. The spirit of our brotherhood sets the stage for boys to explore and discover who they are. Campers create their own activity schedules, with input from their parents, to tailor an experience that meets their interests and passions.


Camp Kippewa – Monmouth, Maine

No two girls are alike, why should their summers be?

Camp Kippewa is a unique all-girls overnight camp for ages 7 to 15.  Girls select from a wide array of activities to create their own weekly schedule. The caring, nurturing ambiance at Camp Kippewa sets a girl at ease with who she is, giving her the confidence to make friends easily and feel comfortable about trying challenging new activities.

The Arts program offers over 20 disciplines of Fine Arts & Crafts and Dance & Theater. Onsite horseback riding facilities host an unbeatable Equestrian program where campers can ride daily. Lake Cobbosseecontee is the perfect setting for top-notch Water Sports instruction in waterskiing, sailing, windsurfing, canoeing and kayaking.  Our program also offers a variety of Land Sports including our popular tennis program, gymnastics, soccer, softball, lacrosse and more. Campers enjoy the natural setting of Maine with ocean sailing trips, beach days, wilderness hikes and canoe trips.

Ask about our Equestrian Academy!


Lake of the Woods for Girls – Decatur, Michigan

We’re more than just a camp … we’re an intentional community focused on guiding girls and teens on how to become their best selves. We provide an encouraging atmosphere where campers are challenged to take healthy risks and form authentic relationships with peers and counselors. Each camper is respected as an important member of our community, and together, we celebrate differences and achievements.

Campers create their own activity schedules, with parent input, to tailor an experience that fuels their interests and ignites their passions. Girls return home from Lake of the Woods confident of who they are and what they can accomplish.


Camp Mah-Kee-Nac for Boys – Lenox, Massachusetts

The spirit of Camp Mah-Kee-Nac lies in the commitment to our community. Campers and staff feel supported, challenged, and encouraged to participate in an action-packed day of sports, outdoor adventure, waterfront, media and the arts. Through these activities and our elective-based program, campers build confidence by experiencing success. Our boys discover the power of their true selves and the individual role they play as part of the greater community. To us, community over everything is what makes Mah-Kee-Nac extraordinary.

Camp Mah-Kee-Nac is located in beautiful Lenox, Ma and offers 7, 4, and 3 week sessions. For boys 5th grade and below, MKN also offers a one-week trial session.  Give us a shout if you’d like to learn more.


Camp Walt Whitman – Piermont, New Hampshire

We feel fortunate to attract particularly nice kids and down-to-earth families. We attribute this to the fact that we share a common goal to raise great kids who value community, giving back to others, being a good person and being a good friend. Our campers recognize that there’s a bigger world out there than their own, and they develop a real sense of how to positively contribute to it.

This camp has been in our family since 1948, when the Soloway brothers, Arnie and Chick, established a sleepaway camp for boys and girls that would provide a warm and caring atmosphere, stretch campers to overcome challenges, and teach children how to reach their full potential as individuals while contributing to a larger community.

Today, Camp Walt Whitman is run by the Soloway Brothers’ great-nephew, Jed Dorfman, and his wife Carolyn Dorfman. All this time, we’ve held true to the lofty goals Arnie and Chick laid out 70 years ago.


Camp Watitoh – Becket, Massachusetts

Camp Watitoh is a coed camp located in the Berkshire mountains, 3 hours from NYC and 2 hours from Boston. Our campers choose Watitoh to be part of something more than a camp, to be part of a family. A hidden gem with just over 220 campers and 100 staff, it is a place where everyone knows each other and is living the dream on Center Lake as one community. We offer land sports, creative arts, adventure, watersports, and so much more on a beautiful lakefront property.

Traditions, evening activities, camp songs, and forever friendships are deeply ingrained in the reason campers return year-after-year to their summer home. We offer an active intercamp tournament schedule along with the opportunity to explore the many special attractions of the Berkshires like Tanglewood, Jacobs Pillow, the Basketball Hall of Fame, and more…The families who are attracted to Watitoh immediately sense the down-to-earth feel and often comment on Watitoh being more of a “throw-back” which connects camp-going parents to their own camper years.


Camp Wicosuta – Hebron, New Hampshire

Camp Wicosuta is girls’ sleep-away camp in Hebron New Hampshire.  We offer a four-week traditional summer camp experience for campers completing grades 1-9.  In addition, we offer a Two Week Explorer Program for younger campers.

At Wicosuta our goal is for every girl to walk away feeling confident in herself and competent in her abilities.  She will develop independence and new social athletic and artistic skills while making friends and having the time of her life!  We teach these lessons in a physically and emotionally safe community where our campers are challenged to move past their self-set limits.  These 3 C’s (Confidence, Competence and Community) are the foundation of Camp Wicosuta.


Camp Winaukee – Moultonboro, New Hampshire

Your son is in the process of growing into a man, and the experiences you choose for him are going to shape him and his future.  Winaukee is a summer camp for boys aged 7-15 where we create life changing experiences for boys through our varied program and unwavering commitment to our core values.

Located on a private cove of Lake Winnipesaukee, just 2 hours north of Boston, our athletic programming builds skills and confidence across all major sports, our outdoor adventure activities will see your son challenge himself by flying high on the zip-line and hiking Mount Washington and our water sports options are endless!

Creating happiness within a healthy environment for boys to develop, grow and realise their incredible potential is why we exist! We look forward to hearing from any Shibley family who wishes to learn more about our incredible camp!


Camp Winadu – Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Camp Winadu is an all boys camp located in the Berkshire Region of Massachusetts, approximetely 2.5 hours from both New York City and Boston.

Winadu stands alone in that families and campers do not need to make a choice between a well round traditional camp and great instruction from Sports to Crafts to Music to Outdoor Adventure and Watersports.   We like to say its not an either/or.  Amongst its 40 plus activities, Camp Winadu is one of the only traditional summer camps offering a full Ice Hockey program led by the Head Coach of Williams College plus a Golf Program on-site and off-site led by an on-site Teaching Pro.

We offer three unique ways to visit and Experience Winadu this Summer:  No Stop Tour @ Camp, Pop Up Tour – where we come to you and September Open House dates @ Camp.   Contact us to learn more about these options:



Many of our camps are hosting Family Camps this summer. What a great way to get away with your family and learn about options for your children next summer! CLICK TO SEE WHO IS OFFERING FAMILY CAMP.

Take the Whole Family to Sleepaway Camp!

The #1 thing that parents say on any camp tour is, “We want to go to camp!”, and there is no better time than this summer to make that a reality. For those of you looking to escape your homes, please see below.

Our friends and colleagues are each offering unique programs in a variety of locations. Click on the links below for specific information about each program:

Camp Akeela & Camp Wicosuta are hosting family camp at Akeela in Vermont



Camp Danbee & Camp Mah-Kee-Nac are hosting family camp at Danbee in Massachusetts



Family camp at Camp Kippewa in Maine


Camp Walt Whitman & Camp Watitoh are hosting family camp at Watitoh in Massachusetts



Family camp at Camp Winadu in Massachusetts


Summer 2020 Update: Shibley Lite Program Details

UPDATED ON 6/26/20

Shibley Shibley!

After careful consideration and thorough planning, we are excited to announce “Shibley Lite,” modified programming at camp this summer. We are encouraged by the significant decline in numbers of cases and health complications of Covid-19 in our communities. We have also had the opportunity to carefully review the New York State guidelines for operating day camps in 2020. Space will be extremely limited so that we can adhere to the regulations set by New York State and follow best practices for operating safely.


Shibley Lite Program Details:

  • Weekly rate: $575 ($550 for 2nd, 3rd child)
  • Kindergarten – 8th grade campers may enroll into Shibley Lite
  • We will not have programs for 3 or 4 year old campers this summer at Shibley
  • Kindergarten groups will be available starting 8/3
  • There is a 2 week consecutive minimum for all ages
  • Campers may apply for up to 7 weeks (4 for Kindergarten)
  • Weeks will be assigned based on age group availability
  • 5 groups of 10-15 campers will begin on 7/13
  • 5 additional groups will begin on 7/20
  • Drop off between 8:30am and 9:00am
  • Pick up between 12:30pm and 1:00pm
  • We will not provide bus transportation or lunch this summer
  • A Shibley Lite Parent Handbook will be provided to all enrolled families


We look forward to seeing smiling children on the property soon.


Team Shibley


The Shibley Team

Shibley Summer 2020 Announcement

It is with a heavy heart that we write to you today to announce that Shibley Day Camp will not operate this summer. We know that this is the right decision for our Shibley Day Camp community, and we will be back and better than ever for Summer 2021.

As the country reopens over the next few weeks and months, families and individuals will have to make decisions with which they are comfortable. Camps and businesses must do the same and we appreciate and understand that we will not all come to the same conclusion. We have all assessed the risks and made a variety of choices throughout the last 3 months. We have many more decisions to make as we work together to see this pandemic through.

When schools closed and the state shut down in March we were optimistic that summer would come, and camp would open. We expected to have answers and clarity that we still do not have. There is absolutely nowhere that we would rather be than with your children and our staff at camp. To think of a summer without pitching to the super seniors, dancing with senior camp or climbing through the playgrounds with our junior campers is disheartening.

Thinking of camp while continuously reminding people to keep their distance, virtually the opposite of everything we believe in, was becoming equally as disheartening. A socially distanced environment is contrary to the closeness of the Shibley community.

We also cannot say with high enough certainty that we will have a coronavirus-free camp community, and there are still many questions about the virus. Our community includes our campers and staff. And it includes you, the campers’ grandparents, the parents and siblings of our staff, and additional caretakers, all of who will be in close contact with campers and others outside of camp hours.

Outside of our own families, Shibley is our life. We think about camp every day of the year. We are heartbroken. It seems inconceivable to have to wait 13 more months to return to our summer home together, but when we get there it will be exponentially more special.

Thank you for being part of our community. We miss you all and will continue to provide virtual and in-person programming (when permitted) throughout the year so that we can stay connected until we meet again for summer 2021.


Heath, Stefanie, Randi & Bob

Thoughts from Quarantine: Staying Home to Save Lives and Making the Best of These Unusual Times

My favorite quote has been hanging in my classroom or office since the day I started my career in education. You may have seen it posted recently because April 15 was Jackie Robinson Day. He said:

A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.

- #42

Now more than ever does that ring true. And it’s EASIER THAN EVER to have a positive impact on other lives. If you are not an essential worker (THANK YOU TO THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE!!!) all you have to do is stay home and wait this out. The more people that do it, the less time we will have to continue living this way.

Besides preparing feverishly for camp, like always at this time of year, I’ve decided to choose a few skills to focus on that I’ve always wanted to improve. Now more than ever is the time to practice something you’ve always wanted to get better at or take up something new that you’ve never had the time for.

I’ve been playing a lot of drums and recording music that my friends and I have been working on for a long time. I’ve practiced more on drums over the last few weeks than throughout most of my life. I’ve always wanted to produce an album of these songs (some we’ve been playing for almost 20 years) and now it’s coming together.

Another skill I’ve tried to improve during these last few weeks is cooking. I’m pretty good on the grill but still not great inside in the kitchen. I’ve found some easy recipes to try and some of them have been quite tasty. Or at least my family is being nice and telling me so! Alexa is still a better chef than I am.

I’ve dusted off my teaching skills and made my way through 2nd and 7th grade subject matter I never thought I would see again. We successfully taught Sari how to ride a bike. Now we’ve been riding around the block daily which is great exercise and gives us a greater chance of her going to bed at a reasonable time:)

My wife and I have enjoyed taking online yoga classes. I have always wanted to get into a regular routine and now seems to be a good time to do it. Ohm.

What have you taken up or worked on improving over the last 6 weeks?

Bob’s Baseball Blog- A Mets History Lesson

The Early History Of The New York Mets

The Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants of the National League both moved to California after the 1957 season.  During the next 4 years New York City did not have a National League team.  New York only had the Yankees from the American League.  New York wanted to again have a team in the National League, so the New York Mets were added in 1962.  Where did they play their games as there was no Shea Stadium or Citi Field yet?  They actually played their first two seasons at a stadium called “The Polo Grounds” which was located in upper Manhattan between 155th and 157th Street adjacent to the Harlem River. The New York Giants baseball team used to play there before they moved to California.  Also, the New York Jets football team played there until they moved over to Shea Stadium.

The Mets colors are blue and orange, originally chosen to honor the city’s National League baseball history. The Blue was for the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Orange was for the New York Giants baseball team. Blue and Orange are also the colors on the New York City flag.  Who hit the first official home run for the Mets?  It was appropriately hit by Gil Hodges who had played for the Brooklyn Dodgers before joining the Mets in 1962 and who also later became the Mets manager.

On April 11, 1962 the Mets played their first official game and lost in St. Louis to the Cardinals.  On April 13, 1962 it was the first game the Mets played at their new home at the Polo Grounds which they unfortunately lost.  However, on April 23, 1962 the Mets won their first official major league game against the Pirates in Pittsburgh.  Then on April 28, 1962 the Mets won their first home game at the Polo Grounds with 16,987 fans in attendance.  On September 18, 1963 the Mets played their final game at the Polo Grounds and then moved to the newly completed Shea Stadium for the 1964 season.

On April 17, 1964 the Mets played their first official game at Shea Stadium losing 4 to 3 to the Pittsburgh Pirates.  However, 2 days later on April 19, they won their first game at Shea Stadium beating the Pirates 6 to 0.  The stadium was originally going to be called Flushing Meadows Stadium but was changed to William A. Shea Municipal Stadium, which ended up being referred to as just Shea Stadium.  Also, the official name of the team was the New York Metropolitan Baseball Club which ended up being shortened to just The Mets.

In the early years of the Mets they were not a very good baseball team.  In 1962 their record was 40 wins and 120 losses.  Then in 1963 they had 51 wins and 111 losses.  However, in only their 8th year in existence in 1969, they won their first National League Pennant and went on to face a highly favored power house Baltimore Orioles team in the World Series.  The Mets lost the first game of the series in Baltimore. Game 2 which was also in Baltimore was won by the Mets 2-1.  Then on Oct. 14, 1969 the first ever World Series game held in Shea Stadium was won by the Mets 5-0 with over 56,000 fans in attendance. On October 15 the Mets won the next game 2-1 in extra innings.  Then finally on Oct 16, 1969 with 57,397 fans at the game, the Mets won 5-3 shocking the country and the Baltimore Orioles as the Mets won their first World Series.

Let’s Go Mets 2020