Heath’s Favorite Holiday Movies

I love movies and Holiday time is a great time to watch movies with your family and friends. Here are some of my favorites:

Home Alone – This is a classic and maybe one of my all time favorites. The commercial that is out now (CLICK TO WATCH) reminds us all how great this movie was. It also reminds those of us that are Macaulay Culkin’s age that we aren’t kids anymore.

Scrooged- Bill Murray is one of the funniest people alive in my opinion. I love when stories are rewritten in modern times and turn out to be just as relevant and wonderful.

Love Actually- Everyone knows I love music which is one reason I really enjoy this movie. Beside the story of legendary rocker Billy Mack and his manager, I love each individual story and of course how they intertwine throughout the film.

A Rugrats Chanukah- This is a great one for the young children to watch.

Elf- Will Ferrell. In an elf suit. Being Will Ferrell. Also Zooey Deschanel is a great actress.

Christmas Vacation- Obvious but hilarious. Did you know Leonard from Big Bang Theory was Rusty in this movie? Mind. Blown.

The Nightmare Before Christmas- Is this a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie? Discuss amongst yourselves.

Eight Crazy Nights- Adam Sandler has always been one of my favorites as well and it is great how he always tries to keep Hanukkah in the mix at holiday time. We need more great Hanukkah movies!

How the Grinch stole Christmas – Original! – The Jim Carey version is ok but the original animated version is the one to watch.

Home Alone 2- Kevin’s alone again. This time in New York City! Get the popcorn, fast!

Okay, which ones did I forget…

Here is a list of some of my favorite holiday songs.

Giving Back This Holiday Season

With Thanksgiving having just passed, many of us took the time to acknowledge what we are thankful for. For me, the holiday season is a time to not only reflect upon and recognize all that I am grateful for but also a time to give back. As an individual who is fortunate enough to be a longstanding member of the camp community, I have endless appreciation for all that I have been afforded as a result. Having the opportunity to attend camp as a child and then to continue working within the camp community as an adult are rare privileges that too few are lucky enough to experience. This realization is only a small part of what pushes me to pay it forward.

It is so important to share and return kindness and there are so many ways we can do so. Whatever way you are able to perpetuate the cycle, no matter how big or small, it will make an impact and allow for the betterment of another. Whether it’s a simple donation or giving up one’s personal time, we are all capable of pitching in and doing our part in some way.

In addition to benefiting others, these acts, however slight or great, are extremely meaningful to those on the receiving end. They also leave me feeling more fulfilled as an individual than receiving any tangible item could. When you go the extra mile to make someone else’s world a bit lighter and brighter you will see that you get back in abundance what you put out there.

Holiday Time at Shibley

As the leaves continue to fall and the great memories of last summer start to fade into the background, I always feel a little sad.  However the sadness does not remain very long as my mind shifts towards the preparation for next summer.  We already have a large amount of last year’s campers who took advantage of our super early bird rates and are already registered.  We also have many new campers joining us for the first time! One of my functions is as Transportation Director, so I am already well into plotting all of these campers on our maps.  I really like geography and maps so planning out the bus routes is a lot of fun for me as well as challenging to make the most efficient routes possible.

I am also looking forward to the Holiday Season which is a fun time to spend with family and friends.  It is also a good time to reflect upon the year past.  I always like to think back on the great time I had working at camp during the previous summer.  I always enjoy the opportunity to meet and get to know the new campers and new staff.  I also like being reunited with all the returning campers and staff as we approach each summer.

After a period of time everyone at Shibley seems like family. Once you start coming to Shibley and experience what Shibley is all about, you never want to leave.  I guess I am the best example of that since I started coming to Shibley as a four year old and am still here so many decades later. I can’t wait to get up in the morning because I am going to camp whether it is summer, fall, winter or spring.  How many people can say during a January blizzard that “I am going to camp?”  I feel very lucky to have spent so many happy years at Shibley.  It is December 2018 and exciting thoughts of summer 2019 are already in my mind.  Stay warm and have a great holiday season.